Lavar: Brazilian waxing with bling

Updated on January 29 2014

No matter how you spin it, getting waxed is painful. If you’re in good hands, the pain is minimal, but if you’re not, it can literally feel like a torture chamber. Luckily, Lavar has recently opened in Lan Kwai Fong to make the experience that much more tolerable.


As a premium hair removal salon in Hong Kong, the entire ambience and décor of Lavar exudes simplistic luxury. The plush, grey reception area resembles a living room, which is accentuated by fresh flowers and an impressive statement mirror on the wall.

Unlike other hair removal salons that tend to feel clinical, Lavar’s apartment-like decor is designed to be gender neutral without being overly feminine or masculine (the salon offers hair removal for both men and women).


Treatment rooms at Lavar are simple yet stylish.

The first step of my waxing treatment was to fill in my personal details, allergies and medical history on Lavar’s provided iPad. The therapist then went through the menu of treatments and services offered, which included various Brazilian, body and facial waxes.

Interestingly, shaping costs an extra HK$100 while the addition of Swarovski crystals for a blinged out Brazilian cost an extra HK$70 (for those moments of showtime, I suppose).

After deciding on my treatment, my therapist ushered me into a treatment room with clean white walls and a dark grey towel-covered bed. I noticed that there were quite a few different waxes for the treatment, which my therapist would be choosing based on her expertise.

Choose from strawberry, rose or chocolate wax.

Each wax (strawberry, rose and chocolate) caters to different types of hair. For instance, the strawberry wax reduces redness and is perfect for removing hair on sensitive areas, whereas the rose wax was scented with chamomile and could remove hair as short as one millimetre. Last but not least, chocolate wax is apparently soothing and moisturising for dry and irritable skin.

My therapist chose the strawberry wax for me, and after a short but not entirely sweet 15 minutes, my treatment was complete.


We’ve seen our fair share of waxing salons and Lavar definitely delivers a premium experience with its stylish décor, atmosphere and choice of delicious-smelling waxes. While the wax wasn’t entirely painless, we would recommend it for men and women who don’t want to feel like a patient in the process.

Lavar Hair Removal, 13/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2915 0918,

(Reviewed by: Shirley K.)

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