Exclusive photos: Cloud 9 200-ft super yacht

Updated on January 29 2014

Brett Blundy grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Melbourne and failed year 12 at school. Successful business people are made up of stern material and that is what Brett is. His tenacity and perseverance with a good eye for business led to his success today. At 53, Brett has been identified as number 33 on the Forbes list of Australia’s richest with a net worth of US$835 million (S$1 billion).

He started his career in retail in 1980 when he purchased a record store together with a friend. The music stores eventually evolved into the Sanity Entertainment Group. During the peak, there were over 300 stores in Australia and UK.

In 1986 Brett also bought into a 3 store franchise called the Bra Shop. Over subsequent years Brett set about building this new business which he eventually renamed Bras N Things. In 2003, he ventured into Diva, a fashion accessories retail store and created a revolution in women’s fashion accessories. Lovisa, a similar retail chain followed 5 years later which filled a gap in the higher end of the same market.

Behind every successful man is an even stronger successful woman. Vanessa Speers, Brett’s wife, is that woman. Vanessa was head of retail operations at BBRC and has helped bring Diva accessories to its glory today; from 1 store in Sydney to 100 stores around Australia within 2 years.

Brett still spends a chunk of his time on growing the retail brands and helping the leadership teams of each brand achieve the full potential as an advisor. Besides growing the BBRC Group’s three divisions of retail, retail property and beef breeding, Brett also keeps a keen eye out for business opportunities which will complement the existing portfolio.

Honey Birdette is one of the recent additions, and with the founders of the lingerie brand and Brett’s wider team, they launched Honey Birdette’s latest collection in Singapore on Cloud 9, Brett’s 200-ft super yacht.

Brett Blundy, Chairman of BBRC with founders of Honey Birdette Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza.