Avant-Garde Eats: WAY Modern Chinois

Updated on February 17 2014

Creative modern cuisine is certainly the flavour of the menu at WAY Modern Chinois. The restaurant is intimate but large enough for groups to enjoy business meetings, get togethers and social occasions. The bar adds a nice touch to the restaurant as diners can sit and enjoy a drink before or after their meal with the bar tender whipping up some delightful cocktails and mocktails, or a choice of wines and beers.

Everything about WAY, from the design, the entrance – which as you approach, gives you the impression you are entering the lift, even the place settings with selected white china and the carefully chosen menu all have a modern and contemporary feel about them.

The avant-garde modern menu has been carefully selected, a process that took over 15 months to finalise and perfect, after tastings, and picking and selecting, all under the guidance of head chef Chef Liu Jin Xian. Fresh imported ingredients and many locally sourced ingredients give the menu an exciting and refreshing approach.

The owners are devoted foodies and love to travel, so influences for the menu come from the world over and are tweaked, with subtle twists to fit the menu here at WAY Modern Chinois. It is a labour of love for the owners and this certainly shows through in the whole experience. The menu is simple but with attention paid to every detail of every dish resulting in an exciting array of flavours within each mouthful. Nothing is too strong, no flavour is lost, there is a delicate balance throughout.

The meal is accompanied by waterless chicken soup, an Imperial essence of chicken, with nothing added at all and no oil, this is a surprisingly refreshing essence with a very slight tangy flavour to it, the flavours are that of fresh kampung chicken, nothing has been tampered with, no additives, and the chickens as fresh as can be.

Our favourites from the meal are the Snow Bun, delicate and full of flavour, the stuffed charsiew chicken encased in a crispy snow bun, an unusual twist on a snow bun, but one that works incredibly well, giving a little substance to the delicate fluffy bun.

The absolute gem of the meal was the crispy eel with wild honey sauce – deep fried and perfectly crispy with no traces of oil as you crunch your way through the delicious and meaty tasting eel. The chef’s secret, the skin is left on to prepare the eel and this gives it its rich non-fishy flavour. These would be perfect alone as snacks or even to sit and nibble away on at the bar whilst enjoying a drink. They are incredibly addictive and moorish and we found ourselves crunching away through most of the meal.

Another of our favourites, no matter where we are is anything salted egg, so the salted egg chicken strips had a lot to live up to, but we were not disappointed. Perfectly crumbly with just the right amount of coating and tender chicken strips. The flavour is very slightly spicy which makes it extra satisfying.

To us, the measure of a good meal rests on how good the desserts are to round everything off nicely, and the two selections we tried were perfect to end the meal. The durian pancakes were the highlight for us and actually were the reason for a conversion of a non-durian eater to a fully fledged lover of durian – an achievement for sure and mostly due to the creamy nature of the durian mixed with the fresh delicate pancake. These pancakes will definitely be a regular on our orders at WAY.

If you are looking for somewhere for a group of you to go, this is ideal as it has small and slightly larger function rooms, cosy, dark panelled wood, stylish, or you could opt for the main dining area where there are groups or choices for a more intimate one on one. For reservations and more details on the menu call +6 03 2095 1118 or have a look at the Facebook page for latest information www.facebook.com/waymodernchinois or their own website way.com.my/ WAY is located in G-1, Work@Clearwater, Jalan Changkat Semantan, 50490 Damansara Heights, KL

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