Coach Love Stories: Valentine’s Day Special

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, LifestyleAsia Singapore caught up with fun-loving FLY Entertainment artists, Vanessa Ann Vanderstraaten and Andrew Lua as they shared with us their romantic love story and the trials and tribulations that they have faced since the pair got together a year ago.

Despite the obvious differences that may surround the couple in terms of style and music tastes, closet sentimentalist, Vanessa believes the couple are two of the same heart. “I know it sounds really mushy, but it’s true.”

Vanessa Vanderstraaten and Andrew Lua

Meeting each other for the first time was like… 

Andrew: [To me it was like], “Hi! You are?”. We were introduced by mutual friend, Shane Mardjuki at the FLY office. Shane kept telling me of this new comer to the industry and how gorgeous she is.

However, Vanessa was attached at the moment and instinctively, I didn’t think much of the possibility of a romantic relationship with us. That said, nothing much transpired on that day.

Vanessa: For me, it was like, “Oh it’s you!”. I knew Andrew through his sister who I went to primary and secondary school with. We didn’t actually exchange numbers until our second meeting.

Getting to know each other was like…

Vanessa Vanderstraaten and Andrew Lua

Andrew: Serendipitous. The second time we met was for a filming of a docu-drama. I heard that Vanessa had recently broken up and wasn’t ready for a relationship. What’s more, I didn’t want to be a rebound guy so everything was sort of kept in check.

After doing our scenes, we took a group cast photo and I wanted to send it to everyone but I didn’t have Vanessa’s number. When I eventually got it, Vanessa and I couldn’t stop talking and I realized that this beauty had so much wit, charm and a certain mysticism to her.

Vanessa: Falling in love for the first time. Falling in love with Andrew was totally unexpected and I didn’t see it coming. Back then, I was fresh out of a relationship and I wanted to try the whole single girl thing. Needless to say, when Andrew and I started talking, he just made me laugh and I found out that we have the same beliefs and values.

Journeying together is like… 

image 7

Andrew: Switching from any phone to an Android. You get all excited about the new apps and functions but sometimes you get frustrated with the interface. In time, you get used to each other. What can I say, Vanessa makes me smile.

Vanessa: Listening to Kiss 92FM. Sometimes there’ll be an old song you have and sometimes there’ll be a weird song that you don’t understand.

Being together has influenced my style… 

Vanessa Vanderstraaten and Andrew Lua

Andrew: We tend to agree to disagree on certain fashion choices but agree to agree that I am generally clueless about my personal fashion sense.

Vanessa: Andrew and I don’t dress alike, but on more than one occasion, we have worn matching outfits. Totally accidental and not deliberate at all! We give each other advice on what to wear and how to accessorize. Going shopping with him is kind of amazing, because he isn’t bored! He likes to help me pick out clothes and gives me constructive, objective feedback on how I look.

Most significant milestone together is… 

Andrew: I am the first guy she officially brought home to meet her mother.

Vanessa: Personally, it was the whole getting-to-know-the-family process that was the most daunting and the most rewarding. I really love his family.

Love means… 

image IMG_8369

Andrew: To have someone to share your whole life with. Someone who accepts you unconditionally.

Vanessa: Feeling good more often than feeling bad. Someone who can look at you when you a) have just woken up, b) have just finished the chores and are perspiring and gross, c) have a massive PMS breakout – and still make you feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. That’s a good man. And I am lucky to have one.

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