A moment with … gallery owner Christine Argillet

Having spent most of her youth surrounded by art and culture, Christine Argillet definitely had a childhood that most of us would envy.

After all, her father was Pierre Argillet, a friend of the prominent Spanish painter, Salvador Dali, who collected the artist’s numerous etchings and kept them in his renowned collection.

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Currently, the collection is out for viewing for the first time in Asia at the REDSEA Gallery Singapore till 20 April 2014 and features over 100 pieces of artworks from etchings, drawings and tapestries that will be available for acquisition. All artworks in the collection have been authenticated and signed by Salvador Dali and have never before left the collection.

Christine Argillet seen here with Salvador Dali as a child. (Photo: Christine Argillet).

We spoke to Christine who opened up about her childhood with Dali:

LifestyleAsia (LSA): Why did you choose to specialise in contemporary, dada and surrealistic art?

Christine Argillet (CA): This artistic movement influenced Surrealism and later many aspects of contemporary art. In order to understand contemporary art, we often have to refer to the grand father: Dada or the father: Surrealism.

LSA: How do you choose which artist to represent?

CA: I choose them based on how they can surprise my senses, my understanding, my soul.

LSA: What is art to you?

CA: To me, art is freedom.

LSA: What was it like growing up around Dali?

CA: It was a marvelous moment made of daily astonishments.

LSA: What was your favourite memory of Dali while growing up?

CA: Salvador Dali inviting guests in his house and having transparent cubes with sea urchins inside, displayed in his swimming pool to prevent guests from jumping in it.


Be sure to check out the exhibition, which runs from 22 March to 20 April 2014.


REDSEA Gallery, Block 9 Dempsey Road, #01-10 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247697. +65 6732 6711. Open from 9.30am-9pm.

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