Art & The City: “Body” by The Print Room KL

Updated on May 12 2014

The Print Room KL, a hub of activity for many talented emerging and experienced photographers will be opening the doors on its latest exhibition this weekend upon the subject of ‘body’. Local, and, for the first time, international photographers, will be exhibiting their work and showcasing their interpretations of the theme.

Photograph by Kim Do Han


‘Body’ is a focus upon the human form, a personal interpretation of a return back to basics of this sometimes controversial, sometimes erotic and sometimes eye-opening subject area. The photographers, through the medium of film photography, bring their own fresh perspective to this subject and in some cases, their own personal thoughts of the perception of its place in our society today. Some use metaphors, some turn towards abstraction, and some explore figurative nudes.

Photograph by Melissa Lim


Photography as fine art is an often disputed point of conversation, however, it is clear that the techniques that photography necessitates, when it follows the medium of film photography, and the various techniques that are used within the dark room, make this an exhibition that clearly displays fine art. Hand processing and printing in most cases are followed up with hours in the darkroom, learning, perfecting and exploring skilled techniques to create this fresh perspective on the imagery of the human form.

Photograph by Linda Chin

Some photographers are exploring solarisation, others liquid light and printing on different mediums, others look at multiple exposure. This is an exhibition that is an eye-opener for those who only know film photography in its most basic printing and processing format.

Photograph by Lisa Foo

The opening night for ‘Body’ will be on Saturday 10 May at 7:30pm and is open to all, with the photographers present to talk about their work. The exhibition will run until 15 June 2014 – open weekends from 2pm until 7pm.

The Print Room KL, 49 Lorong 16/9E, Petaling Jaya, 46350, +60 3 7931 2227 

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