Review: Beauty Empire’s cellulite and water retention therapy

Located near the quaint cafes and restaurants at Ann Siang Hill, Beauty Empire is a boutique spa that specialises not only in beauty treatments such as massages, manicures and pedicures but also all-rounded wellness treatments such as facials and water retention therapy to help women look their best and feel great inside.

If there are two things that plague the bodies of women everywhere, it would be cellulite and water retention. Whether you’re a gym bunny or not, the hours spent strapped to a work desk or just standing too much, can cause a build up in water retention, causing you to look bloated and have sallow skin.

Beauty Empire Shop Location
Beauty Empire is located in the quaint Tanjong Pagar district.

We tried out the cellulite and water retention therapy from Beauty Empire and shared our verdict with you:


The treatment starts out with an assessment of troubled areas. Through sight and feel, my therapist tells me that I have water retention mainly on my waist and thighs because they appear bloated and a little clogged.

Using a specialised tool called the SPM Vacuum Press — which taps on the traditional Chinese method of cupping — my therapist revives my skin by mobilising its blood flow for optimum absorption and lymphatic drainage.

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Next, my therapist puts me into a tube-like machine that regulates air pressure to help open up my blood vessels so that the toxins and impurities in my body can easily be released.

The next phase of the treatment is probably the most painful and ticklish part. My therapist uses the SPM Vacuum Press as suction to bring the toxins in my body closer up to my skin surface.

The final portion of the treatment involves a warm paraffin mud and heated blanket wrap that makes me sweat all the toxins out of my body. What I liked was that Beauty Empire uses only top-notch wellness brands that hail from Europe in their treatments.

All in all, the treatment lasted 75 minutes and starts at S$180 per session.


Initially, I was a little skeptical that the treatment would work. After all, it’s a pretty hard to believe that some sweating could possibly do much change to my body. Frankly, I don’t sweat very easily so I had little faith that this would work. However, I could see a significant difference in my thighs. They looked smaller and a seemed tighter.

While it’s great that this treatment focused on something more skin deep, it might be a little uncomfortable for some, especially during the ‘cupping’ portions and at the end where you’re wrapped up in a heating blanket and laying in a pool of your own sweat.

But as mentioned above, I could already see a difference in my body with just one session, making it a testament that the treatment works. As they say, no pain, no gain right?

Beauty Empire, 33 Erskine Rd, Singapore 069333, +65 6536 6002,


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