10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram

Updated on August 6 2014

There’s a saying in the Hong Kong dining scene: the camera eats first. Hashtag foodporn seem to be the natural meeting point of ideas in the age of the celebrity chef and social media, not to mention a movement within itself.

Obviously we’re spoilt for choice in this town when it comes to sheer number of restaurants, so all the snapping and uploading (as the rest of us sit around waiting while the food’s getting cold) isn’t exactly in vain — start following these 10 Hong Kong foodies on Instagram so you can decide what to put on your restaurant hit list.


10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @dimsumdiaries
#nofilter #jkz — regardless, this home-made breakfast looks amazing. (Photo: Instagram)

Ale Wilkinson, who started her popular blog The Dim Sum Diaries over three years ago, tells me that she actually used to be a fussy easter, but you wouldn’t know it looking at her photos. We were keeping up with her recent two-week matcha challenge, during which the full-time foodie prepared at least one dish a day featuring the green powder, including a scrummy-looking breakfast which involved her sprinkling some on poached eggs (above).

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - danielhungryhk
Daniel is one man who unashamedly knows his way around a burger. (Photo: supplied)

Daniel has been a hungry man for while: “I have been obsessed with sampling new cuisines and dishes since I was a child and am known to be that person who will try anything once,” he tells me. Daniel shares his food adventures with over 40,000 followers, documenting the best of Hong Kong from Michelin-starred meals to truly gluttonous dai pai dong spreads.

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @mochachocolatarita
Better get that dough, sista — Rita’s not even being metaphorical. (Photo: Instagram)

Rita describes herself as “your next-door working mum”, but she’s cooler than what she probably realises. Her beautiful photos include snaps of her adorable little tyke OB, who is so cute we could just eat him with pie. Her blog also includes simple and delicious recipes, including some great ideas for sorbet. Rita is all about “no-nonsense food” — her obsession with cha chaan teng-style soggy fries doused in black pepper sauce apparently knows no bounds.

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @e_ting
Janice Leung Hayes’ Instagram feed and food blog is a celebration of quality food with heart. (Photo: Instagram)

Superstar of the Hong Kong food scene Janice Leung Hayes is probably best known for having her food and travel writing published pretty much everywhere that matters, as well as being the brains behind the Hong Kong Markets Organisation (Island East, Sun Street, PMQ Night Markets). Thankfully for us mere mortals, she shares her glamourous love affair with sustainable eating across various interwebular platforms, taking vicarious eating to a whole new level of jealous.

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @chopstixfix
Michelle’s Insta feed gives you an inspiring selection of fixes for your chopstix. (Photo: Instagram)

London-born, Chinese-Malay Michelle Ng started ChopstixFix as a personal directory for visiting family and friends nearly five years ago, but has seen her indulgent hobby grow bigger than she’d ever imagined. Ng is all about the good ol’ fashioned approach of eating in moderation — “Don’t deprive yourself of a cookie now and then,” she says, “and you’ll be happy!” Word.

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @thatfoodcray
Totes cray cray — Nicole and Eugene found this beast of a burger on a recent trip to São Paulo. (Photo: Instagram)

Quality photos and global food adventures (yes, they’ve been to Paris) are the go for Hong Kong-based Canadians Nicole Fung and Eugene Kan, who have amassed nearly 50,000 followers since starting their blog and Insta feed in 2012. They tell me they’re “constantly thriving to think and ‘eat’ outside the box,”, and encourage their fans to do the same. While the eyes of the world were elsewhere, we were much more interested in the guys’ eating adventures around Brazil over the past month.

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @chocolatemuimui
Eating like Chocolate MuiMui is recommended by nine out of ten dentists with kids at international schools. (Photo: Instagram)

Like a typical Hong Kong lass, and no doubt as her screen name would suggest, Chocolate MuiMui is pretty much all about the desserts. This food, travel and lifestyle writer loves her sweet treats from five-star hotels, cha chaan tengs and everywhere in between. And when the photography is so good that it can make a jiu pa bao look like a Michelin-starred dish, we understand why close to 20,000 followers keep going back for seconds.

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @epicurushk
Mr Epicurus went gaga over these deep fried cheese mochi balls recently — tough work, but someone’s gotta do it, right? (Photo: Instagram)

The elusive Mr Epicurus, whose online persona is an adorable soft toy teddy bear (actually), grew up between Melbourne, Sydney, Malaysia, Tokyo and Hong Kong, and his culinary journeys reflect his multi-cultural roots. He’s pretty well versed on the food in all these cities, but this plush and well-travelled foodie seems to have a particular predilection for food from the land of the rising sun.

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @foodandtravelhk
Food, Gloria’s food — the eats on this feed are truly luxe. (Picture: Instagram)

Gloria Chung is the mind behind Jones Artisanal Food, which has made a splash at food fairs like Island East and Harbour Artisanal with its focus on healthy, wholesome, eco-friendly fare. Chung’s personal food adventures are beautifully documented in her Instagram feed, showing the ultimate respect to the quality products she consumes.

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10 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram - @fatasslovesfood
We’d be fat asses too if we ate like this everyday. (Photo: Instagram)

In which said ‘fat ass’ is anything but — how do you do it, Rose? We put on weight just looking at your food porn, but somehow you seem to go through one amazing looking, carb-centred dish (sweet or savoury, eastern or western) and cheerily make your way to the next one — sometimes in the same day, we might add — while weight gain remains a mere myth for you. Well played, Ms Fat Ass. Well played.

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