10 Bangkok foodies’ Instagram accounts to follow

Updated on August 7 2014

Nobody’s more snap-happy than a Bangkokian about to tuck into a delicious meal.

Perhaps it’s the country’s incredible cuisine and the overwhelming number of world class restaurants and — of course — our addiction to social media but, whatever the reason, it’s spurred on an incredible number of Bangkok foodies to upload every mouth-watering meal online.

Here’s our very favourite Bangkok foodies’ Instagram accounts for you to pore over and work up an appetite to.



Some grapow, stir fried holy basil, greediness on the blog today. (Photo: Instagram).

Dwight Turner, the Instagrammer behind BKK Fatty is well known on the foodie scene thanks to setting up Big Bite Thailand and The Courageous Kitchen, a cooking school for disadvantaged kids. He also encourages other Bangkokians to hashtag their gluttonous Instagram uploads with #BKKFatty so the city’s foodies can keep their fingers on-the-pulse when it comes to what’s hot in Bangkok’s dining scene.

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A salad of Chiang Mai flowers. (Photo: Instagram)

Chawadee Nualkhair is a Thai American freelance food writer whose close-up pics of colourful and incredible-looking (usually) Thai food — both home cooked and whipped up in Bangkok’s best restaurants — will have you drooling. Catch her more in-depth food posts at www.bangkokglutton.com.

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(Photo: Instagram).

It might be an all Thai language account but, even if you don’t read Thai, the language of incredible food photos breaks any potential barriers. Naree Boonyakiat uses filters like a pro and always makes even the most simple photo look beautifully artistic. Restaurateur from The Never Ending Summer and The Jam Factory, Boonyakiat knows her Thai cuisine.

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Making custard mooncakes at Mandarin Oriental Shop at Gaysorn Plaza this morning. (Photo: Instagram).

This is food porn of the highest order. Sirin Wongpanit, is the journalist behind the hugely successful food blog, ohsirin, which has now moved to www.ohhappybear.com. Her Instagram follows her adventures in food, as well as some travel and lifetstyle shots, too. She has a real eye for the beautiful so, be warned, don’t browse her IG when you’re hungry.

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Finally, Vesper’s cult favourite ‘Rosemary’s Daisy’ is in our menu… A Vesper’s original that was created when one of our bartenders was challenged to a ‘mystery box’ game. Fluffy and delightful, don’t be surprised if you find yourself order another round. Happy Friday indeed! #vesperbkk (Photo: Instagram).

Choti Leenutaphong, owner of Vesper Cocktail Bar & Restaurant and part-owner of Little Beast Gastrobar and Pig a Chic Thai street food in London, is a well-known foodie in Bangkok. His photos mainly depict the decadent offerings at Vesper, but also other highlights of his foodie travels.

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Zucca pizza w’ roasted pumpkin, walnuts, red onion, and stracciatella cheese. #peppina #comingsoon. (Photo: Instagram).

Well known restaurateur and chef, Jarrett Wrisley is the name behind Soul Food and Appia. His Instagram features a lot of lifestyle. pet and travel pics with a few well-picked tantalising food pics. His latest mouthwatering shots showcase the new menu of Bangkok’s latest restaurant opening, Peppina.

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Grilled Salmon  @mystthonglor #ppgallery. (Photo: Instagram).

Ppgallery loves to eat and, while other foodie Instagrammer’s may focus on the beauty of the process of cooking, this IG account focuses purely on the beauty of what’s on the plate; from a simple plate full of gummy bears at an airport lounge to an incredibly intricate creation from Mandarin Oriental shop, this account covers everything on the dining spectrum.

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Strawberry Crumble. New menu. Crepe & Co. (Photo: Instagram).

This account is compiled from the pics of people who hashtag #eatandshout on their Bangkok food pics. The selection is vast and varied – and often in Thai. It covers primarily Bangkok’s top restaurants but also its incredible street food, too. Always a great Instagram account to browse when you’re stuck for dinner inspiration.

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Nam phrik plaa jee, a relish of grilled freshwater fish and chili, served with fresh and par-boiled herbs and veggies, some of which are only available during the rainy season. #chiangmai. (Photo: Instagram).

Austin Bush is an American writer and photographer whose interest in food goes far beyond just the look and taste. His images often depict rice fields, unusual and seasonal foods and local cooking methods. A fascinating as well as appetite-stirring account.

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Hi socieTEA: Mandarin oriental shop, Gaysorn plaza. (Photo: Instagram). 

If you like your food pics with a vintage filter, journeynjournal offer just that. The food is just as important as the ambience on this Instagram account, with pretty gardens, fancy plating methods and photogenic restaurant fronts taking just as much limelight as the meals.

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Like what you see? Follow @LifestyleAsiaBKK on Instagram for even more food porn. 


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