A Design Film Festival Singapore 2014

Singapore’s premier design film festival, A Design Film Festival Singapore 2014, will run between 05 and 14 September, at a new venue, Shaw Theatres LIDO, Singapore. Organised by Anonymous, the festival is open to the public. It features screenings of a curated collection of films dedicated to architecture, fashion, photography, street art, motion graphics, technology and the subcultures of design.

A Design Film Festival Singapore 2014 establishes its very first Festival theme “On a Scale of Art to Design”, a theme derived from an observation of the blurring boundaries between art and design. In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate or maintain a clear distinction between art and design with many designers creating art and many artists applying design in their works.

To engage the theme, a small selection of the films to be screened, have been specifically chosen to expose the audience to content that directly address the blurred boundaries. The objective of the Curated Shorts is to establish a discourse between Art and Design and provoke a reaction from the audience.