New eats: Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, Stack and Lazy Hog

With some of the most innovative and talented chefs constantly creating and reinventing culinary masterpieces day after day, it takes a lot to make it as a restaurant in Hong Kong. This week we headed over to three of the newest trendy eateries to help you decide which dishes to add to your hit list:

Slow roasted pork belly at Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Indulge in a family-style roast perfect for sharing.

The dish: There’s only one way to judge a British gastropub and that’s by sampling the roast. While we were less than impressed with their signature tamarind spiced chicken wings (which we felt were heavily over-seasoned), the slow roasted Dingley pork belly with spiced apple puree, apple relish and gravy certainly hit the mark. The skin was deliciously crisp — though not to the point where it became hard to bite — and the belly simply melted away in the mouth. We highly recommend ordering a side of cream corn (HK$68) and honey-roasted carrots (HK$68) for the ultimate British indulgence, before tucking into an Eton Mess (HK$78).

Where: Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen & Bar gastropub concept on the mezzanine level of the LKF Hotel. Brightly-lit with comfy booths and a bar outfront, Bread Street Kitchen looks to bring simple and unpretentious British classics to the foodie scene of Hong Kong. Come here for a laidback meal with friends but don’t expect to be wowed by the culinary finesse, this a casual eatery, not one of Ramsay’s five-star establishments.

Price: HK$228

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, M/F, LKF Hotel, 33 Wyndham Street, +852 2230 1800,

Hash at Stack

Rösti was never intended to be an artistic masterpiece — especially a stack of them — but boy is it tasty.

The dish: Don’t you just love it when a dish you order on a complete whim is the one that ends up stealing the show? We loved the tom yum wings (which we’re told are the signature side dish here), and happily chowed down more than a couple of serves of some of the gourmet pancake creations, but it was really all about the hash — a stack of crispy rösti sandwiched with generous dollops of sour cream and spring onions. The depth of flavour is what makes Stack’s hash stand out. The potato has been soaked in pork fat prior to being fried, and makes for a deviously moreish plate o’ taters.

Where: Stack is one of the more exciting concepts to have found a place on our increasingly diverse food scene over summer. The brainchild of Joshua and Caleb Ng (the twins behind Sheung Wan fave Common Ground), the beautifully converted Sai Ying Pun corner store delivers a carefully thought out menu of gourmet pancakes (both sweet and savoury) with cocktail pairings. It’s bold, it’s daring, it’s different, and with a tad more fine tuning, we think the boys have got a hit on their hands.

Price: HK$88

Stack, G/F, 1 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, +852 2549 9787,

Jambalaya at Lazy Hog

The jambalaya at Lazy Hog is a nuanced and multi-dimensional winner of a dish.

The dish: Basically the Creole version of paella, this indulgent dish is packed full of flavour. The rice has been cooked in lobster stock, giving it a deep colour and a perfect flavour base for the beautifully balanced combination of chorizo, kielbasa sausage, clams, strips of crispy Virginia ham and, as Chef Paula Azevedo (ex-Catalunya) tells me, “love, love and more love”. She’s right, too — this is one dish with a whole lot of heart.

Where: Lazy Hog has kept a pretty low profile since opening in August despite its relatively prominent location (it’s right next to Yardbird). If you think the space has a familiar feel, that’s because it does — Lazy Hog is by the same team behind Sheung Wan coffee spot lof10, and their aesthetic stamp is all over the minimalist, industrial interior. Azevedo’s menu is a well thought out collection of classic American favourites with an upscale twist — start with a serve of the crispy pig ear nachos, and make sure you don’t miss the huge hog nuggets (packed with slow-cooked, shredded pork shoulder) served with a tangy house-made beetroot ketchup. They’ve just started serving a weekend brunch, too, which also gets a big tick of approval from us.

Price: HK$188

Lazy Hog, 29 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 2858 1321,

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