10 artists to look out for at Milan Image and Art Fair

Updated on October 9 2014

Taking place from 23rd to 26th October 2014, the Singapore edition of the Milan Image and Art Fair is set to bring together artists from all Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific together for a giant exhibition like no other.

With over 100 artists exhibiting at the fair, trust us when we say that it can be a real challenge to know just who to keep up with.

We’ve got the inside scoop on artists exhibiting at the fair and have specially selected 10 of these talented maestros that you simply have to look out for while you’re there:

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Gian Paolo Barbieri

Having had this works published in various prestigious publications such as Vogue Italy, America and France, self-taught Italian high-fashion photographer, Gian Paolo Barbieri’s works are definitely works that photography enthusiasts should look out for.

(Tatiana Savialova for Valentino by Gian Paolo Barbieri, 1996, Photograph in analog)


Patricija Gilyte

Germany-based Lithuanian artist, Patricija Gilyte, often works with interesting mediums such as sculpture, video art and installation to produce pieces pertaining to the correlation of nature and the human body. Gaining inspiration from various places such as poetry, ancient culture and myths, Gilyte’s works are often allow viewers to participate in her experience.

(tri-galaxian L4116 by Patricija Gilyte, 2014, Video)



Kacper Kowalski 

Aerial photographer, Kacper Kowalski’s works often provide a different perspective (literally and figuratively) on his subjects. The pilot cum artist often chooses to focus on nature surrounding his native country of Poland.

(The Beach by Kacper Kowalski, 2014, Diasec on dibond)




Sealy Brandt 

With photography in her blood, Sealy Brandt’s photos often captures emotions like no other. Brandt’s more notable works revolve around working with families and children.

(Man in Yhurt by Sealy Brandt, 2013, Black and white on film)


Silvio Santini 

Known for his marble sculptures that often speaks volumes, Silvio Santini’s works often revolve around nature and all have a sort of refinement to them.

(Due Gocce by Silvio Santini, 2012, Black Swedish granite)


Lee JeeYoung 

Tapping on her wild imagination, Lee JeeYoung creates work of art that goes against traditional photography restraints. Through her works, Lee transports viewers to another world.

(Lee JeeYoung, Resurrection, 2011, pigment print on innova fibaprint ultra smooth gloss)




Park Seung Hoon 

Going a step further, South Korean artist, Park Seung Hoon weaves his film strips to form woven photos for his art pieces, creating more texture and depth into his works.

(Queen’s Road, Hong Kong by Park Seung Hoon, 2010, Photograph digital C-print)


Rossella Pezzino De Geronimo 

For Rosella Pezzino De Geronimo, stills simply don’t her work any justice. The Italian artist creates holograms that simply mesmerize and the only way to truly appreciate them is to see them for yourself.

(Precezioni by Rossella Pezzino De Geronimo,2013, Print on paper mount)


Thomas Jorion

French artist, Thomas Jorion’s love for dilapidated, run down and old buildings tend to be the focus in his work. Through his photos, Jorion takes us on a little journey back in time to discover the little treasures left by others in these buildings.

(Les Orgues by Thomas Jorion, 2011, Fine art print on paper mount)


Maurizio Galimberti 

With Polaroid films, Maurizio Galimberti creates interesting collages of his subjects that examine them in every angle possible. His approach to portraits tend to give his subjects more depth and character.

(Johnny Depp by Maurizio Galimberti, 2003, Mosaic polaroid)

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