Stirred: 3 Perrier Jouet champagne cocktails you can make at home

When I lived in France, it was around this time of year when the dry heat of summer began to give people a break and the leaves started to change colour. Almost 20 years on and away from the four seasons, it’s about time to pay tribute to the end of summer, only this time with three summer-inspired bubbly cocktails for your sipping pleasure.

Ginger Peach Bubbly

Let’s start with something simple with a slight Asian influence — all you need are three ingredients and a glass. Get your hands on some peach liqueur and ginger syrup. If you’re unable to get store-bought ginger syrup, you can very easily make your own. Add 100 millilitres of water to 100 grams of white sugar and about a thumb of an old ginger to a pot. Boil until all the sugar is dissolved and leave to cool. Strain out the ginger.

Pour the cocktail into a champagne flute, add 10ml of the syrup, 15ml of the liqueur and top the glass up with nicely chilled Perrier Jouet champagne.

Summer cocktails
Ginger and peach combine to give a refreshing spicy side to this summer cocktail. (Photo credit: Reese Lloyd)

Salut Automne (Hello Autumn)

This is a twist on the classic Mimosa with an added sweet and sour element of honey and lemon. If you have it, try to use wildflower honey as it gives a dry floral taste reminiscent of autumn. Grab a shaker and add two teaspoons of honey and 20 millilitres of fresh lemon juice. Stir thoroughly until the honey is dissolved and then add 40 millilitres of orange juice. Give it a light shake with ice and strain the contents into a flute. Top up with Perrier Jouet.

Mimosa Champagne Cocktails
A twist on the traditional Mimosa with a touch of honey and fresh lemon juice is perfect for an end of summer celebration. (Photo credit: Reese Lloyd)

With lemon and honey being “best friends”, it’s hard to go wrong with this one — and using a honey with health benefits will keep you well to welcome in the new season.

Summer Up In Bubbles

This seductive red cocktail takes on the flavours of summer and spring fruits — apple, apricot, bitter orange and strawberry. Simply add in gradual proportions, five millilitres of strawberry syrup, 10 millilitres of green apple syrup, 15 millilitres of apricot brandy, 20 millilitres of Aperol and 25 millilitres of lemon juice into a shaker. Shake lightly with ice and strain into a champagne flute. Complete the glass with Perrier Jouet. This cocktail is big and complex in flavour and is best to sip and savour during the long sunsets of summer.

Cocktails for summer
Apricots, apples, oranges and strawberries make this cocktail seductively summery. (Photo credit: Reese Lloyd)

So, there you have it, three cocktails to celebrate the end of summer and a perfect reason to pop some bottles.

By: Shawn Chong

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