Year of the Goat: 5 feng shui tips to boost your luck in 2015

Updated on February 10 2015

On the Chinese calendar, 2015 is the Year of the Goat and it contains two main elements: wood and earth.  Of the two, earth is the more dominant element, so what does that mean for this year?

Wood represents things like the arts, academics, culture, law, furniture, gardening and recycling. These industries will continue to expand quite well, whereas Earth represents real estate and architecture, which actually indicates that there will be some challenges and issues relating to lawsuits and legal issues.

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With real estate there will be some changes and rearrangements of the market especially during the sheep year. The stock market and finance industries will be very unstable and it’ll be especially competitive in the banking industry, which will all require extra hard work for success. There will be some law issues that may cause trouble or challenges, especially during the last six months of 2015.

2015 is a year full of chances and as long as you work hard and be cautious in regards to lawsuits and legal areas, you’ll be set to take up on all these chances for a fulfilling year ahead.


This white cashmere scarf is the perfect lucky charm for the cooler months this year.

With fashion and lifestyle, don’t be surprised if bell bottoms come back to style in 2015. There will be an expansion and popularity of eco-friendly items, recycled goods and clothing. Tea, planting, vegetarian eating is also going to be quite popular.


The rabbit, horse and pig will have a very good year filled with good news for relationships with several opportunities to meet someone compatible. Zodiacs such as the dog, sheep, and rat, however, will not have such a good year for relationships, but that’s all right, there are things to do and wear that can help boost your luck.

Chow’s 5 feng shui tips for a lucky Year of the Goat:

1. Avoid Ivy-type plants. Place plants such as bamboo, or plants with big leaves in the east corner, this will help boost career luck for 2015.

2. Use and wear colours like blue and white to boost overall luck this year.

3. Flowers like sunflowers and pink daisies should be placed in the northwest of your home to keep you lucky in relationships.

4. Spend more time in the north side of your home, whether it’s reading, lounging or napping, this will bring good health and luck.

5. Place any crystal, jade or stone that you may have in the north east side of your home to boost your personal authority at work.

Thierry Chow is a Hong Kong artist turned feng shui apprentice to her father, the legendary feng shui master Chow Hon Ming. She provides feng shui consultations for a variety of projects on behalf of her father and writes a weekly feng shui column on East Weekly.