10 KL foodies to follow on Instagram

It’s no secret that KL is a foodie’s paradise, but it always helps to have someone navigate the food map for you. But why stop at one when you can have 10? Below, we’ve found 10 KL foodies who seriously live to eat, as evidenced by their calorific feeds.



Software developer by day and food blogger by night, ‘vkeong’ writes about food and travel on his blog (www.vkeong.com) with some of the most drool-worthy images in town. His Instagram is chock full of delicious eats — beware of those extreme close-ups especially when you’re hungry.



Beautiful top shots comprise Rizal E’s Instagram account, which is fully caffeinated with plenty of coffee, churros and other nommilicious goodies in KL. The self-described ‘coffee/foodie/designer/new traveller’ is also part of the group behind coffee website, www.kopiedit.com.



Sarah Voon, otherwise known as ‘foodievstheworld’, takes on food of all kinds not just in KL but around the world on her Instagram account and blog of the same name. The pictures are bright and vibrant, and sure to incite much #foodenvy.



A designer who sells cards, notebooks and other ‘paperlicious’ items on Etsy, Nadiah showcases her eye for design on her Instagram account with beautifully photographed and styled food shots.



High quality photography and consistent framing are what make TruffleandTofu’s feed so gorgeously delicious. We especially love the out of town posts that allow us to travel (and eat) vicariously.



PigOutKL encourages followers to “live like to the fullest”, and by that they mean “wine, dine and pig out.” We couldn’t agree more. Follow this account for short, to-the-point reviews on each Instagram snap.



Photographed in sets of four, you’ll be able to see at a glance what’s worth ordering at each restaurant KLfoodhunter hits up. We especially like how one of the quadrants usually showcases the venue, because let’s be honest, that matters too.



One of Malaysia’s original food bloggers (since 2005 when he was a food finalist in the Asia Pacific Blog Awards), KY covers food, travel and more on his blog, www.kyspeaks.com. Besides having a knack for photographing and eating food, he also dabbles in illustrations as seen on his site.



For a good mix of Malaysian eats, FoodHunt.my takes the best food pictures from around the country and regrams them for your viewing (and eating) pleasure.



From fried chicken to sushi rolls and apple cherry crumble with salted caramel ice cream, the #foodporn on Boo_licious’ Instagram is copious and in-your-face (just how we like our food).

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Erica gave up clean air and closet space to live in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. In between cookie binges, she enjoys living a green and healthy lifestyle with plenty of running, yoga and tofu. Follow her on Instagram @wafflerica or on Twitter.