Meet the Bacardi Legacy Hong Kong & Macau 2015 finalists

Updated on March 6 2015

One of the most prestigious cocktail competitions around the world, Bacardi Legacy looks for more than just the best drink and bartender of each year. In order to secure a spot in the finals, the most talented mixologists from Hong Kong and Macau had to create a rum-inspired cocktail, which has the potential to become a classic for generations to come.

Each cocktail’s success is evaluated over a series of months up until the Bacardi Legacy Finals, where the winners and runner-ups will be announced following an exciting showcase on 16 March 2015 at the Island Shangri-La.

Click through to size up which bartenders from Hong Kong and Macau made it to the finals:


Alexandre Chatté

Head bartender at Bibo Hong Kong, Alexandre Chatté, presents the “El Coco Reviver” inspired by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó and his family and his revolutionary rum recipe.


Alex Ng

Alex Ng hails from Hong Kong’s chic little homegrown bar, Little LAB, on Staunton Street, and has created a modern twist on a classic Dark N’ Stormy called “The New Born”. The cocktail incorporates Hong Kong flavours such as ginger and vinegar.



Bruno Santos

Bar consultant to Sky 21 Bar & Restaurant, Bruno Santos has created the “Voyager” — West mets east concoction of Bacardi Superior Rum, Port Wine Tawny, homemade colonial syrup, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, egg white and orange zest.


Austen Phillip Lendrum

Austen Phillip Lendrum overlooks the bar at Honi Honi and has created a tantalising “New Era” Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Oakheart, mint, orange, fig jam and Creole bitters concoction for the Bacardi Legacy Finals.


Wing Yi Lam

Bartender at Flint Grill & Bar, Wing Yi Lam, used love as the basis for her cocktail. Inspired by iconic song “Fly Me To the Moon”, Lam’s “In Other Words” cocktail mixes the sweetness of honey with a dash of fig, lemon juice and egg white to complement the spiciness of the classic Bacardi Superior.



Kervin Unido

Also from JW Marriott’s Flint Grill & Bar, Kervin Unido’s “Padre Blanco” was conceptualised from the story of Ernest Hemingway and pays homage to his heroic role during the World War. A healthy variation of the daiquiri (Hemingway was diabetic), the cocktail includes ingredients such as guava juice, vinegar, lime leaf and agave nectar.


Suraj Gurung

Representing Stockton is Suraj Gurung and the “Mindy”. His cocktail, containing Bacardi Superior Rum, egg white, thyme-infused Cointreau, cane syrup, lime juice and cinnamon tincture, certainly packs a punch.


Devender Kumar Sehgal

Mixologist at Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Devender Kumar Sehgal, will be presenting “The Optimist”. A light and simple drink (of ginger and honey syrup, basil leave and lime juice), which allows the Bacardi Superior Rum to truly shine.

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