First look: 10 highlights from Art Central Hong Kong


Kicking off from 14-16 March 2015, Art Central is Hong Kong’s first world-class satellite art fair organised by the original founders of Art HK, which, as we all know was bought by Art Basel.

Visit Art Central’s 10,000 square metre marquee at the Hong Kong Central Harbourfront, where over 75 galleries from 21 countries are represented. We had a sneak peek last night at the private preview to bring you our top picks.

(Above: Dollar Trash, real dollar bills in series, Edition 3/5 by Farid Salim Kamboh)

Art Central ( is open for VIPs on Friday, 13 March from 10am to 6pm, Saturday 14 March from 10am to 11am. Public opening times are 11am to 7pm from 14-15 March and 11am to5pm on 16 March.


Look for: Blood Sugar High, 2013, 72 x 36 x 14 inches, mixed media (Edition 1/13)

The artist: Desire Obtain Cherish, aka. Jonathan Paul from L.A., is best known for his provocative pop art as a commentary on fashion.

Located at: Bluerider Art, B11


Look for: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, 2015, high fire glazed ceramic, repurposed tipi poles, deer rawhide, wool, acrylic paint, wool blanket, glass beads, artiicial sinew, copper jingles, nylon fringe

The artist: Half Cherokee and a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw, Jeffrey Gibson uses texts from personal essays and song lyrics to create paintings and sculptures inspired by the traidtional craft of Native American cultures.

Located at: Marc Straus, C15


Look for: The World is Chinatown, 3m x 2m 80, various money bills, paints, ink and gold leaf

The artist: Farid Salim Kamboh uses currency bills to study how people and society behave, by removing its basic function of purchasing.

Located at: Emerge Gallery, R6


Look for: Cloud Map p1316, 2013, oil on canvas, 259 x 194 cm

The artist: Younghun Kim is a Seoul-based journalist turned artist who explores the effect of digital media on contemporary culture, using dissembled body parts and rainbow-like clouds.

Located at: CHOI&LAGER, R11


Look for: The Feast of Trimalchio: The War of the Worlds, 2010, Lambda print on Diasec, 200 x 360 cm, Edition 5/8

The artist: A Russian collective of four artists, AES+F are one of the most important Russian contemporary artists of today who use the imagery of high-fashion, cinema, lifestyle magazines, and luxury design for this spectacular piece.

Located at: Art Statements, A2


Look for: You May Live thru this Tragic Affair, 2015, oil and lacquer on canvas with custom wooden frames, 160 x 134 cm

The artist: Malaysian artist Yeoh Choo Kuan sees his paintings as a body. The latest addition of a wooden frame serves as a stage for a crime scene, of what he refers to as ‘fleshing abstraction’.

Located at: Richard Koh Fine Art, B6


Look for: Prosperity, porcelain

The artist:  Said to be an advocate for ceramics in Hong Kong and China, British-born and Hong Kong-based Caroline Cheng’s Propperity series features kimonos covered in thousands of porcelain butterflies in various colours including gold and blue.

Located at: Cynthia-Reeves, C9


Look for: Ocean Waves, porcelain

The artist: Li Xiaofeng creates functional runway costume sculptures from 600-year-old porcelain crockery.

Located at: Red Gate Gallery, C1


Look for: Swimming Suit, 2010, oil on canvas, 160 x 140cm

The artist:  Featuring quirky seemingly everyday situations, Liu Ruizhao’s figures appear dumbfounded, withdrawn and at times melancholic.

Located at: Amelie Art Gallery, A1


Look for: Tropezón, 2015, oil on canvas, 230 cm diameter

The artist: Through his realistic paintings of Eastern rugs that pose influences from the early Muslim and Mozarab era in southern Spain, Antonio Santin weaves intricate textures and detail through his 3D-like works.