A fresh take: The Pelican Seafood Bar and Grill launches raw bar

Updated on July 24 2015

Opened over two years ago, The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill, has been known for its affordable yet enticing seafood selection served with the picturesque Marina Bay skyline as its backdrop. The establishment features a cozy and intimate interior with a much-loved alfresco area, the perfect laid back atmosphere for diners to enjoy the East Coast American cuisine.

As part of a new menu launch, The Pelican has not only brought on some new items but also introduced a section dedicated to fresh seafood from their new raw bar.

The brown crab can be enjoyed cold or sautéed.

The raw bar, while not especially extensive, features the usual suspects ranging from a whole main lobster ($80) or brown crab ($69) to the more delicate clams ($18) and tuna ($18). Also on offer are fresh oysters at market price and a handful of roe and caviar choices.

We started with the lightly torched scampi ($18) and raw scallops ($18) which were both prepared without overpowering condiments allowing the natural clean and sweet flavours to speak for the freshness of the seafood. The scampi was accompanied by a seafood jus whipped with butter while a light rice dressing bathed the scallops with dollops of coriander oil.

Who wouldn’t want to Instagram this?

For Instagrammers, you’ll adore the photogenic trout roe brioche ($18) speckled with dill and brimming with gorgeous bulbs of luminescent roe. We were lucky enough to also sample the Speciale Oceane and Pirou oysters from France priced at $9 a pop, the latter being particularly plump and creamy. If your eyes lit up at seeing the word ‘oysters’, then make sure you check out The Pelican on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-9pm where their oysters are only $2 each!

Oysters for the week.

Diners can mix it up with cooked menu items like the newly added cream of corn ($18), a mini tower of polenta piled with fresh mussels in a pool of exquisite corn soup. Some old classics like the old fashioned crab cakes ($24) served with a pickle slaw or the snapper pie ($40) filled with asparagus, mushrooms and cream sauce are recommended though our favourite would have to be the Glacier 51 toothfish ($42) with characteristics likened to wagyu but delicate like that of cod. Sourced from sub-Antarctica waters near Heard Island near Australia,  the snow-white flesh of the toothfish is crusted with brioche with a side corn sauce and kailan, and served only in two restaurants here in Singapore.

The whoopie pie is a crowd-pleaser.

While dessert isn’t the focus here, The Pelican whip up some mean American options. We finished our lunch with a scoop of homemade white wine and sour cream ice cream ($5) but flavours will vary each day. If you’re looking for something more decadent, you can’t go past the whoopie pie ($16), an indulgent super-sized chocolate macaron.

As a veteran on the Collyer Quay waterfront, The Pelican has a reputation to uphold. Reinvigorating the brand with some fresh items does this perfectly but we won’t complain if they offered even more choices from their raw bar over time – you can never have too much seafood.

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill, 1 Fullerton Rd, Singapore 049214, thepelican.com.sg

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