Instagram Me: Rich Herrera, actor and TV host

Updated on December 17 2015

Rich Herrera is a household name, known best for being an actor, model and host. These days, he’s also dabbled in writing. If that wasn’t enough, the winner of The Amazing Race Season 4 is also known for being the co-host for The Price is Right Philippines.

What does this man of many trades get up to in a normal day? We follow him around to see how he juggles work and play in this edition of Instagram Me.



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Getting a quick morning workout in to get the blood flowing — using the East Coast path and the calisthenics parks along the way.


Quick trip to the store to get some items for a get-together this week (the potato crisps and white bread are not for me haha).


Back home and someone is still sleeping. Must’ve been a rough night!


Exploring a possible future career as a hair stylist as part of the days’ preparations.


Candidly off to work getting car sick replying to emails.


On the set for the first shoot of the day trying in vain to recall all of my lines from a script that I never actually read.


Motivating the bright youth of the nation to study harder in school and listen to their parents more than I did growing up.


Lunch meeting/ long overdue catch up with a good ole’ buddy. Our busy schedules these days make it difficult to take our long bike rides.


Back on the set, being reminded exactly just how much I’ve forgotten since I left school about 50 years ago.


Filming some intense scenes for a drama, squatting in a back alley and getting that all too familiar look of disappointment from yet another woman. Sigh.


Time for dinner with my favourite food. All of these muscles don’t come without proper nutrition, you know.


Just a normal night on the town with my lady in a $3000 air-conditioned three-piece suit is how I roll.


Baking cookies to give to my producers to thank them for putting up with me over the past few months. A bribe of sorts.


Bedtime with Keasha, who clearly isn’t ready to join me in dreamland just yet.

Follow Rich Herrera at @rampageherrera.