Scents and Singapore: 3 local perfumeries to know

Updated on December 21 2015

Our little red dot is famous for its food, but sometimes we forget how creative the rest of the island can be as well. We’ve taken a look at some of our favourite furniture designers, now we turn the spotlight on a somewhat expected budding industry in Singapore — the perfume industry.

It’s been interesting to see how in the past few years, homegrown perfume brands have become more and more well-known. One successful example, Code Deco, created by Gauri Garodia, is even sold worldwide in cities like New York and Hong Kong. The brand has recently launched “Club Code Deco” which lets subscribers experience three samples of new scents every month, and is also planning further expansion into the Middle East.

Founder Garodia has said that starting her brand in Singapore has been a good test of her skills. “Singapore is a global business magnet offering an amazing quality of life to its residents,” she says. “Apart from the efficiency, the entrepreneurial scene is also extremely active and supported by the government. Singaporeans are not easy consumers to please, so if I can succeed here, I can definitely succeed in other countries, too.”

Searching for local, distinct scents to represent your distinctive personality? Look no further, because we’re sharing with you three local perfumeries that you can visit to purchase a fragrance that best characterises you.

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Code Deco 

As Singapore’s first artisanal perfumery, founder Gauri Garodia has successfully launched Code Deco both online and in boutiques all around the world.

“Fragrances are not just smells; they influence moods, they trigger feelings and memories, and they are a subtle yet distinctive way of expressing oneself,” says Garodia, which pretty much sums up the way she runs her brand. Code Deco is all about encouraging perfume enthusiasts to challenge scents and pick fragrances that they feel best represents their unique personality.

The brand will be debuting two candles next year as they expand. These candles called Kyoto and Mysore will also showcase Garodia’s scent-blending abilities.

Average price: $150


Freda D. Parfum

With their perfumes made in a factory located in Kaki Bukit, Freda D. Parfum is about as local as you can get. Scent designer Faridah Yusuf was inspired to start the brand after spending her childhood visiting her father’s perfume shop where she was captivated by the magical world of fragrances.

Today the brand’s bottles are easily recognisable with their signature black-and-white striped bottles which contain a range of scents from fresh and light tones to more sensual and musky fragrances.

The scents are great for layering which can help you create one that is totally unique to you.

Average price: S$57


Je T’aime Perfumery 

Being a Singapore homegrown brand is something Je T’aime Perfumery takes pretty seriously going so far as to use the country’s history as inspiration for their scents.

This year, founder Prachi Garg, worked with The National Museum of Singapore to create 12 unique smells inspired by important aspects of Singapore’s past. Visitors were transported back to an older era by taking whiffs of our history bottled up in a variety of fragrances ranging from spicy to fruity notes.

With the expertise and guidance of their perfume experts, you also have the option of designing your own signature scent by blending different aromatic notes to create a personalised formula that best encapsulates you.

Je T’aime’s retail line will be launched in June 2016.