Portable luxury: The foldable furniture of Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades

First presented during Design Miami in 2012, Louis Vuitton pays tribute to their travel heritage with their creation of the Objets Nomades collection, a series of foldable furniture and travel accessories. With a total of 17 creations to date, the collection features designs by notable industry stalwarts who have worked their magic on Louis Vuitton’s culture and spirit. Items include a hammock, collapsible stools and tables, and even a portable wardrobe. Each piece prominently features Nomade leather — a brand signature. Famed designers working on pieces include Raw Edges, Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquoila and more.

Each piece is truly stunning, both for the workmanship and their innovative nature. An impressive feat was making each piece “portable,” making them transformable for travel. These elegant additions to the home of a wanderluster are now on display at Louis Vuitton’s Crystal Pavilion at Marina Bay Sands. Here’s an in depth look at ten of our favourites but be sure to head over and see them transform in person.

Louis Vuitton, 2 Bayfront Avenue, B1-38/39 & B2-36/37/37A, Crystal Pavilion North, Singapore 018972, +65 6788 3888, www.louisvuitton.com

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Hammock by Atelier Oï

Get beachside vibes anywhere you go with this hammock by Atelier Oï, inspired by Louis Vuitton’s luxurious knitwear (as well as farfalle pasta!). Simple-looking at first glance, this hammock features a spectacular weave of leather strips in the brand’s iconic leather that are all reinforced by gilded rivets.

For extra comfort, this piece also includes a removable leather headrest so that you’re always well-rested.


Stool by Atelier Oï

An intelligently designed leather stool that combines the Japanese art of origami and Louis Vuitton’s trunk-making techniques, this piece folds neatly to appear like a single sheet of leather with a handle for ease in transportation.

Made from a rigid outer membrane wrapped in Nomade leather, this stool is available in a variety of colours which will give you super stylish portable seating on all your adventures.


Concertina Chair by Raw Edges

This collapsible chair offers both form and function with a padded seat of overlapping petals covered in Nomade leather sitting atop an ash wood and gilded metal structure.

Interesting to look at, this piece was inspired by a piece of industrial duct tubing and though it looks completely natural, features an extremely complex design.


Concertina table by Raw Edges

Like its chair counterpart, this table is a product of its designer’s longtime passion for collapsible furniture. The shape of the table top definitely brings to mind the Monogram pattern which has been a brand mainstay since 1896.

The simplicity of the appearance of the table makes this piece a sleek, transportable piece that is great for stylish weekend picnics or even when you just need a little more table space.


Concertina Light Shade by Raw Edges

Wherever you are, good lighting is always a necessity. This light shade by Raw Edges is made from paper and when placed over a light source, creates a gentle glow that can help set that cozy home atmosphere no matter where you are.

The metal structure lined with leather that frames the piece also creates a interesting play of shadow and light that amps up the artistry of your lighting. The shade can easily be folded and carried anywhere.


Ernest Bed by Gwenaël Nicolas

We all secretly wish we could bring around a little bed with us for on-the-go naps. This roll-up inspired by Hemingway’s African travels unrolls — or more like unfolds — to reveal a luxury cot, comprising of a leather-edged canvas mattress and an attached Nomade leather pillow supported by an oak structure.

A successor to the brand’s popular Bed-Trunk, this piece is hardy yet elegant, perfect for the style-conscious traveller. Beautiful engineering and ingenuity makes this gorgeous to carry around.


Lounge Chair by Marcel Wanders

Designer Wanders describes this chair as “an unfolding and portable oasis for relaxation,” and we definitely agree, especially since it comes in an stunning blue (amongst other colours) that reminds us of the ocean.

With three individual modules that fit together perfectly like a puzzle but which are also distinct to the eye, this chair made in high-tech carbon fibre is light and portable, but sturdy and comfortable, not to mention absolutely gorgeous.


Stool by Patricia Urquiola

Vibrantly coloured, this stool is inspired from both the Louis Vuitton Monogram flower pattern and the foldable seats used by fishermen.

Resembling a clutch handbag when closed, making it easy to transport, the stool unfolds to show its elegant functionality with its lightweight metal frame, gold-plated hinges, woven 3D lining and Nomade leather details.


Swing Chair by Patricia Urquiola

Kick back with a drink in hand in this swing chair by Patricia Urquiola that resembles a giant handbag. With two large Nomade leather covered metallic “handles” and a woven mesh body, this swing chair is held up by gold-plated hooks with tassels at the bottom.

Not just stylish and functional, this piece offers comfort as well with a Nomade leather seat cushion and a leather back cushion.


Maracatu by Fernando & Humberto Campana

Keep clothing safe in this portable hang-up wardrobe, a striking blue fringed foldaway travel cabinet that is made from recycled leather offcuts from the Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie workshop.

The design is inspired by Brazilian folk costumes and encapsulates perfectly, both the flair of the designer’s homeland as well as the craftsmanship of the brand.