Louis Vuitton cruises into Rio de Janeiro for Resort 2017

Updated on August 18 2016

In many ways (all good), Louis Vuitton‘s latest show felt like a surrealistic alien invasion, where the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro Brazil served as an otherworldly mothership that sent alien spawns tracking down from the spiral runway and into the audience.

In a location that was both so futuristic with a touch of retro sci-fi, the environment truly lent itself to Nicolas Ghesquière’s third Resort collection for Louis Vuitton. In Rio, Ghesquière saw a vibrant and energetic city that holds the future of urban futurism and multi-culturalism — clearly a big idea currently floating around in Europe. For the clothes, this translates into the cool colour-blocking dresses and parkas that were sent down the “runway.”

The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, designed and constructed by architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1996.

Paying homage to two Brazilian artists, Hélio Oiticica and Aldemir Martins, Ghesquière adorned the models in deconstructed maxi dresses intertwined with a tinge of the “Rhodia Collection” from the sixties. As models emerged from the museum, wind would catch the material, creating an otherwordly effect still grounded in the brand’s history.

Definitely one of the most head-turning items from this cruise collection were the stereo-blaster trunk cases. Its uniqueness and eccentricity managed to successfully exhibited energy, life, music and activity — the perfect embodiment of Ghesquière’s vision and interpretation of Rio.

The sequin scarf that might outshine you.

Another major highlight, the oversized parkas and taffeta cape dresses were ingeniously injected to reflect Oiticica’s artworks that revolved around lightness and space exploration whereas. Naturally each bared Ghesquière’s mark, interpreted with a spectrum of vibrant colours.

The surrealism of the show continued with sparkly ruffled dresses that shimmered under the light each time a model made a move. Sequin scarves were also the key accessory, maybe even a pivotal jewellery piece, in this resort collection.

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LVMH Cruise 2016
Add some fitness elements to your high fashion with this piece.

Perhaps Rio was chosen as an ideal location to coincide with the Summer Olympics, with the collection being so body-conscious that it seemed like you had to be athletic to actually wear it (or perhaps wearing it would make you look athletic? At least this we can hope for). We also spied neoprene body hugging dresses and thigh high slit basketball trousers that revealed tonnes of skin; a little homage to the sexiness and confidence of the Brazilian people perhaps.

Giving a new twist on the silhouette, the pieces in the resort collection had an aerodynamic streamlined cut to them, which accentuates curves and shape. Matching neoprene sneakers were also used as a platform for Ghesquière’s to speak of a heroine who is constantly on the move and always prepared for action (ie. no tottering around in heels).

Jaden Smith, Nicolas Ghesquière and Zendaya .

Keeping in mind that Louis Vuitton is a French maison, it made sense that the collection still stayed true to its European roots. This means the show still featured a good dose of the staples; leather jackets with metal hardware, straight cut pants with a little flare and black pointed booties.

Overall, the expression of the clothes, the influence of Brazil, and the heady location, all contributed to a memorable resort collection. With celebs galore in attendance, the show was definitely a head turner and seems to point to the continuing trends of brands going above and beyond to showcase the essence of their collections in a new way.

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