5 decadent drinks you can have delivered to your door

Updated on September 1 2016

Ask anyone born in the early nineties and before, and they’re bound to recall the good ol’, pre-Internet days, when ordering food to one’s home typically entailed calling up a telephone hotline (as advertised on television with a cheery jingle, no less). Back then, the deliveries were mostly confined to pizza and fast food, so everyone had to settle for limited options in exchange for convenience.

But fast forward to today, and the home delivery scene has evolved dramatically to include a variety of upscale choices — including alcohol. It’s now possible to order everything from wine to whisky and have it sent to your doorstep, in some cases within the hour. Or, join a subscription group and enjoy regular deliveries made to your home.

Thanks to technology, we now have a wider range of delivery and subscription options to choose from — all without leaving the comfort of home. Here are our five top picks to raise a glass to.



It’s a dream come true for any wine lover: Open the BottlesXO mobile app, select a vino (or two) and wait for it to join you, wherever you are in Singapore — within 60 minutes. Which means no more worrying about running out of wine at your home parties, or having to lug around heavy bottles of booze to your outdoor picnics.

Founded in Shanghai last year, the start-up launched in Singapore in March and also caters to Suzhou and Hong Kong. It offers a wide repertoire of European wines — these range from a 2012 Pavillon de Taillefer Saint-Émilion Grand Cru (from France) to a limited edition 2014 Mazzei Villa Marcello Prosecco (from Italy).

BottlesXO delivers to anywhere in mainland Singapore and Sentosa Island. There is no minimum order or delivery fee.




Based in Hong Kong, Sakemaru is a subscription service specialising in rare sakes from niche breweries all around Japan. What sets its sake apart from those available at supermarkets here, is that they are unfiltered and unpasteurised. This means cleaner, fresher flavours.

Depending on the plan they choose, customers receive one or two different 720ml bottles of seasonal unpasteurised sake monthly to their homes in Singapore. They are also offered the option to store a bottle in the company’s special snow dorm cellar in Niigata Prefecture, where the sake is matured to create a richer taste.

To ensure maximum freshness, the business liases directly with the breweries and ensures that the sake is delivered chilled to its customers.



Whisky Butler

Be it a smokey, earthy single malt or a woody sherried brew, Whisky Butler has got all your whisky needs covered. How it works is simple: Sign up for a subscription, and you’ll receive four 20ml drams of whisky — complete with tasting notes — on a monthly basis. If you like a particular whisky, you can buy the full bottle from Whisky Butler’s website at a special price.

This month, the company will focus on sherry and bourbon whiskies from Bowmore, the oldest distillery on Islay, Scotland. Highlights include Bowmore Devil’s Cask III (which is matured in first fill sherry casks of Oloroso and Pedrox Ximenez) and a fruity 10-year-old Bowmore Tempest.

Apart from deliveries, Whisky Butler also occasionally organises workshops and whisky-pairing dinners. Come 1 July 1, 2016, it will collaborate with Chinese restaurant Xin Cuisine at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium for a special whisky-pairing menu.



Hook Coffee

If you’re a caffeine addict who can’t function till you get your morning cup of joe, this one’s for you. Launched this year, Hook Coffee is a subscription service that offers a variety of coffee sourced from farms all over the world, spanning Kenya, Colombia, Brazil and Indonesia. These are available in the form of whole beans, freshly ground coffee, coffee drip bags or coffee pods.

Customers get to pick which coffee they want, or opt to be surprised with a different type each time. They can have their coffee delivered at regular intervals ranging between every two days to monthly, and are allowed to change, pause or stop their subscription at any time. For those who don’t want to commit long term, Hook Coffee also lets them place one-off orders.

The latest addition to the company’s repertoire is a range of Nespresso machine-compatible Hook Shot Pods, which are available in four different flavours including Sweet Bundchen — which is creamy with notes of chocolate and hazelnuts.



Inner Matcha

Another new entrant to the gourmet e-commerce bandwagon is Inner Matcha, which specialises in green tea powder. It obtains its matcha exclusively from Ise Bay in Japan’s Mie Prefecture, which is known for its rich history in harvesting top ceremonial grade green tea leaves.

The company offers three different products: Morning Matcha (ideal as a daily morning beverage due to its caffeine content), Vitality Matcha (a more premium blend) and Culinary Matcha (meant for baking and cooking purposes).

After customers indicate their choices on Inner Matcha’s website, the powder is packed in tins and sent to them monthly. It can also be bought without a subscription. Other items available for purchase range from teaware to a special Matcha Starter Kit comprising a bamboo whisk and glass bowl.