Gucci launches the second phase of its DIY project

Launching an initiative that was based on the maison’s first project with their Dionysus bag, Gucci introduces the second phase of Gucci DIY (Do It Yourself), an extensive programme which includes customisable menswear, unisex jackets and shoes for both genders.

The announcement was made during Milan’s Menswear Spring 2017, and the house’s flagship store at Via Monte Napoleone is now the showcase theatre for the DIY service. Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, envisions this service as a way for his customers to better interpret the current Gucci quirky and idiosyncratic aesthetic, as well as to add a bit more of their own individual personality to their outfits.

Gucci DIY’s insignia featuring the crown, tiger, bee and king snake.

In keeping with Michele’s love for British punk subculture and rebellion in general, it’s clear how this DIY service really lends itself to the freedom of expression that the designer supports. Unlike any other brand, this DIY services allows customers to really get their own personality into the clothing.

Included in the customisation offerings will be a range of motifs, as well as fabrics, buttons and monogram lettering options. The most iconic (and exhilarating) part of this whole DIY service will be the patches and embroideries available, which are drawn from Gucci’s lexicon of symbols including king snakes, flowers and bees.

An array of Gucci shoes are available for customisation.

The products available for this DIY project are extensive. For the men, jackets (with several silhouettes for day and evening wear) will be fully canvassed, as well as blazers, tuxedos and coats. Unisex garments such as exotic and calfskin leather biker jackets, bomber and denim jackets can be customised with studs and hand-painting, and there’s even a number of fabric choices you can make as well.

The main aim of this DIY project is to truly allow customers to connect to Gucci on a personal level, and to get a real feel of the attitude and personality Alessandro Michele has instilled in the brand. Of course at the same time, this is a quintessential example of just how much Michele has given to the brand in terms of spirit and vision.

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The House of Gucci, Via Monte Napoleone, 5/7, 20121 Milano, Italy,