House of Krug reveals culinary exploration of the egg

Every year, the House of Krug partners with talented chefs around the world for a culinary exploration of a single ingredient. In 2015, it was the humble potato that received this gourmet treatment, resulting in a series of imaginative and audacious dishes that paired brilliantly with Krug Grande Cuvée. This year, the Champagne producer’s ingredient of choice is none other than the egg, which is set to step into the spotlight in July.

A new book titled Poached, scrambled or fried features 17 of the world’s finest chefs from Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and France — and their unique pairings of egg dishes with Krug Grande Cuvée. Although the publication is sadly not for sale, the brand has provided us with a digital version which includes Hong Kong’s own Umberto Bombana from 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Uwe Opocensky from Mandarin Grill & Bar and Nurdin Topham from Nur, all three of whom are Krug Ambassades.

In conjunction with this new culinary exploration, Krug has also partnered with 14 local chefs, so Hongkongers will be able to enjoy Krug & Egg pairings at some of the city’s finest restaurants including Caprice, Gaddi’s and Yan Toh Heen. All special egg dishes will be available on the à la carte menus at participating restaurants from 1 July onwards. Let’s take a look at what these outstanding talents have to offer!

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Aberdeen Street Social – Chef Chris Whitmore

Smoked Egg and Asparagus with Truffle, Parmesan and Hazelnut Dressing

Available from 1 July – 31 July at HK$350 for egg dish + Krug by the glass.


Akrame – Chef Akrame Benallal

Egg / Chicken / Corn

Available from 1 July – 30 Sept at HK$1250 for 1/2 bottle + dish or HK$2380 for full bottle + dish.


Amuse Bouche – Chef Ng Wing Shun

Steamed Marans Egg / Hokkaido Sea Urchin / Iranian Ossetra caviar / Alaska Crab Leg/  Crustacean essence

Available from 1 – 31 July at HK$720 for dish + 1 Glass of Krug.


Caprice – Chef Fabrice Vulin

Perfect Egg, Crayfish from Lake Leman / Caviar Cristal, Broth with Herbs

Price and availability to be confirmed.


Catalunya – Chef Josep Casas

Smoked Egg, Mushroom and Truffle

Available from 1 July – 31 Oct at $390 for a glass of Krug and a free tapa.


Foxglove – Chef Yuri Liuzzo

Egg in The Sea

Available from 1 July – 30 September; price to be confirmed.


Gaddi’s – Chef Xavier Boyer

The Pen Egg

Available from 1 October – 31 December; price to be confirmed.


Seasons by Olivier – Chef Olivier Elzer

Crispy Kadaif Soft Boiled Egg, Hollandaise Emulsion & Caviar

Available from 1 July – 31 July; price to be confirmed.


Serge et le Phoque – Chef Frederic Peneau

The Phoque Oeuf

Available from 1 July – 31 August at HK$980 including dish +  2 mini bottles of Krug.


Ta Vie  – Chef Hideaki Sato

Oeufs en meurette / Beetroot Confit / Boudin Noir

Price and availability to be confirmed.


The Continental – Chef Joey Sergentakis

Taiyouran Egg & Black Truffle Carbonara, Crispy Pancetta & Morels

Available from 1 August – 30 September, the dish is priced at $195 and champagne bottle pairing at HK$3,000.



The Drawing Room – Chef Gabriele Milani

Farm House Egg Yolk / Potatoes & Mozzarella Foam / Peas, Basil and Piment d’Espelette

Not available on menu.


VEA Restaurant & Lounge – Chef Vicky Cheng

Hen & Its Egg

Not available on menu.


Yan Toh Heen  – Chef Chef Lau Yiu Fai

Wok Fried Lobster with Crab Roe and Fresh Milk

Available from 1 Aug – 30 September at HK$2288+10% including dish with Krug (half bottle).