5 luxury serums you need in your skincare regime

Have you ever wished for a magic potion that could immediately fix your appearance? A good serum is about as close as you can get to a miracle, and that’s precisely why they’re are among the most expensive skincare products. They’re packed with highly concentrated and powerful active ingredients, which means they’re great for targeting specific concerns such as anti-aging, dark spots, hydration and more. It might seem like such a chore to add yet another step to your skincare regime, but the right serum can transform your skin from good to flawless. We’ve handpicked five outstanding serums that deliver amazing results.

Medik8 Hydr8™ B5

A miracle for dehydrated skin.

We began using this magical serum once a day and were so impressed by the results, we started using it every morning and evening. Medik8’s Hydr8™ B5 (HK$520) contains professional strength skin-softening vitamin B5 (panothenic acid) and hydrating hyaluronic acid. The texture is gel-like and is quickly absorbed into the skin once you blend it evenly across your whole face. After a month, our hydration woes were gone.

Soveral Midnight Oil

Soveral’s Midnight Oil is a dream to put on before you go to bed.

Known for their essential oils, Soveral believe strongly in natural healing and aromatherapy for a healthier mind and skin. You can even get a body oil or perfume designed especially for you in consultation with their team. Our favourite product is Soveral’s Midnight Oil (HK$441), which boosts the skin’s natural radiance. The formula uses palmarosa and rose geranium to balance oily and dry skin, as well as lemon and fennel to decongest the skin, stimulate cell renewal and hydrate the skin. This is perfect for those who have a dull or tired-looking complexion. Given that it’s an oil, it’s best to use this at night before you go to bed rather than in the morning.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

Add a nutrition boost to your skincare regime.

You have to be careful with vitamin C as it can be quite strong and irritate your skin, leaving you slightly inflamed or with some mild redness. So why risk it? It delivers results and will help you to rejuvenate your skin, reduce wrinkles and improve your immune system (which will also make your sunscreen more effective). The best one we’ve tried is SkinCeuticals’ C E Ferulic serum (HK$1,480), which contains 15 percent pure vitamin C and smaller amounts of vitamin E and ferulic acid to protect the skin from free radicals and pollution — a common problem in Hong Kong.

Chanel Le Lift Sérum

Keep your face toned and contoured with Chanel’s Life Sérum.

If you’re looking for a natural lift, try Chanel’s Le Lift Sérum (HK$1,190). It contains an active ingredient, 3.5-DA, which is exclusive to Chanel’s Le Lift line, as well as a patented formula of Resveratrol-12 that claims to deliver “continuous 12-hour” firming and lifting action to the skin. If you massage it in (as shown in the instructions) every day, you’ll find that your skin becomes tighter, firmer and smoother.

Fresh Elixir Ancien

An essential oil you need in your life.

Even if Fresh’s products didn’t deliver, we’d be tempted to use them anyway since they make skincare such a treat with their fresh scents and luxurious textures. Thankfully, they do actually work. Their hero serum is the Elixir Ancien (HK$2,400), an oil treatment which helps to moisturise, smoothen and nourish your skin. The blend is handmade in a monastery in the Czech Republic to preserve the integrity of the pure, natural oils used in the formula and the tradition of oil therapy. The blend contains ingredients such as meadowfoam-seed oil, hydrating sea-buckthorn oil, antioxidant blackcurrant-seed oil and commiphora extract.

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