Nissa Kauppila: A Fleeting Moment

Updated on July 14 2016

American artist Nissa Kaupilla is staging a solo exhibition of her works, featuring a combination of Chinese ink and watercolour on blank rice paper. Presented by Above Second Gallery, the pieces in A Fleeting Moment explore the theme of fragility in the natural world through Kaupilla’s signature medium.

With inspiration from her childhood surrounded by wildlife in the forests and mountains of Vermont, Kaupilla moved to Foshan, Guangdong to explore the skills and techniques of classical Chinese painting. Kaupilla predominantly chooses birds as her subjects and highlights their unique characteristics in immaculate detail. In depicting animals that have passed, she spins the tragic events into contemplative pieces that invite reflection on the fragility of nature and uneasiness in death.

“I like the feeling of uncertainty — tension,” Kaupilla says of capturing a particular moment in time, “[in] this feeling of floating … there is a stillness.” Indeed, she hopes that viewers may explore these tensions and ultimately extract a beautiful image through which to remember these animals.