All about embellishments: Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Fall 2016

Ermenegildo Zegna Couture was first instituted by Stefano Pilati, when he took the reigns of the brand as head designer in 2012. What this meant for the brand was an innovative way to bring couture — more commonly associated with women’s fashion — to men, imbibing the clothes with a level of tailoring and creativity that takes them to the next level.

For his last collection, Pilati showcases a truly fearless style; extensive jacquard patterns on coats, bomber jackets and even fedoras, coupled with three dimensional hand embroideries on sweaters. Everything is in a palette of black and muted grey, tinged with navy and violet, with embellishments worth of any couture show.

If you’re also obsessed (like us) with intricate details, take a look at some of these close-ups from Pilati’s final show Ermenegildo Zegna.

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Well that makes it easy to tell that this is look #5. The number also adds an extra quirky and cool touch to the ensemble.


Jacquard was seen repeatedly on the runway, making its way on to the accessories as well.


Minute and simple details like this squarish stitching adds a ton of “wow” to a plain turtleneck pullover.


And if you’re more adventurous and bold, the three-dimensional embellishments on this grey crew-neck pullover is a great way to make a subtle statement.


Take a minute and look down — the brocade details are evident even on the socks and shoes.


Remember we mentioned accessories? These sunglasses are embossed in matching jacquard as well.


A brocade navy blue satin blazer is Zegna’s Fall 2016 look #35.


We love the extensive detailing plastered all over this grey pullover. Drape a herringbone blazer in matching hue over your shoulders to tame this loud look.


Look #23 succinctly says it all with a print.


Bags take on a metallic sheen that referenced shiny embellishments.