Want whisky in your mail? Ask Whisky Butler

Updated on August 2 2016

Whisky’s an ever burgeoning market, as seen with the sheer amount of options available at duty free and the success of new whisky distilleries like Kavalan from Taiwan. So with wine connoisseurs having the time of their lives with wine clubs and subscription-only vintage tastings, the guys at Whisky Butler decided that the golden “water of life” deserved its time in the sun.

Every month, 4 drams will be sent in 20 ml bottles to your home, curated according to theme. This can range from releases by independent bottlers, such as Cadenhead’s; or via regions, i.e: Japan (like the sought-after Yamazaki 18). Depending on your budget, the services starts from $74 for 12-months; and up to $88 for a pay-as-you-go subscription.

Subscribers are also privy to the Butler’s Collection, where one can purchase uncommon bottles from defunct distilleries or from rare editions with limited release.

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Here are couple of their more exotic offerings, to give you an idea of what to expect:

Bowmore Mizunara

Whisky Butler Mizunara

Out of the 2000 bottles being produced, only 30 were allocated to the Singapore market. Extremely rare, but members who signed up for the year tried it for no charge.

The Glenlivet (Minmore) 42-Year Old by Cadenhead

Whisky Butler Cadenhead

Cadenhead is one of the oldest independent bottlers in Scotland and is commonly known for producing small batch whiskies. Only 630 bottles of this Glenlivet were produced since 2015.

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