Bon voyage: 5 most exotic cruises leaving from Singapore

Updated on January 13 2017

Voyagers of the past traversed seas for months at a time, stopping by different coasts – from the pristine sand and lush greenery of Cuba to the rugged yet picturesque cliffs of the Mediterranean. Fast forward to the 21st century, many travellers have aimed to replicate this experience – with a trend of setting onboard luxury cruise liners that adjourn to different shores, providing them with excellent treatment and unique experiences.

Unlike dragging yourself to get on a plane and mentally preparing to brave the screaming children and snoring neighbours before jetting off to your next destination, the journey really is the best part of taking a cruise. You get to leisurely stroll along the ship deck while looking out to sea, watching the sun rise from the horizon, instead of anxiously waiting for the aircraft to touch down on the runway of LAX. You can heave a sigh of relief while you remember air plane food, as you enjoy a steak from some of the world’s best Michelin-starred chefs on the ship itself. It’s like staying in a 6-star hotel – except you sleep and wake up in a completely different place. You also get to spoil yourself to ever-changing views from your own private terrace.

Embarking on a cruise may just be the best way to experience a few different exotic locales in a single trip. Who ever knew you could reach Athens just by leaving the shores of Singapore – albeit, taking a few days. But like they say, the journey is the reward.

(Main image credit: Seabourn Encore) 

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35-Day Seas of Sinbad II, Seabourn Encore

Seattle-based ultra-luxury cruise line, Seabourn, just launched its biggest ship – Seabourn Encore. The vessel’s interiors were designed by hospitality design icon Adam D. Tihany. With its range of itineraries stopping by different unique port of calls, it may be hard to decide on a specific cruise.

35-Day Seas of Sinbad II departs from Singapore and stops by 14 cities before arriving Athens in Greece. You’ll get to experience exotic places such as Colombo in Sri Lanka, to Mangalore and Mumbai in India, and Muscat and Salalah in Oman.

Prices start from S$12,221 across its range of 4 suites – from the Veranda to the Penthouse and Owner’s Suite.

For more info, visit Seabourn Encore

19-Night The Spice Route Voyage, Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Journey, Azamara’s intimate 694-guest ship in Asia, has a European-boutique hotel ambience with extraordinary service with a 1:2 staff to guest ratio, fine cuisine and wines from around the world, wellness and vitality programmes, as well as more inclusive amenities. Shuttle transportation is also available to city centres in different city ports.

Azamara Journey sails to a host of destinations larger ships cannot reach and all its sailings offer exclusive complimentary night tour in a port called AzAmazing Evening.

Its 19-night The Spice Route Voyage pays tribute to colonial trade routes where spices were exchanged. Departing Singapore and arriving in Dubai, the vessel stops by ports such as Penang, Phuket, Burma, Sri Lanka and Mumbai.

Prices start from S$6,411, across its range of 6 suites – from the Club Interior to the Club World Owner Suite. 

For more info, visit Azamara Club Cruises

15-Day Africa & Indian Ocean, Silversea

Set onboard Silver Shadow, one of Silversea’s Millennium Class luxury cruise ships. The ship features spacious suites, a complement of only 382 guests, superior service, and enhanced amenities.

Board the ship from Singapore and take in the spectacular sights of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Colombo and Maldives before setting foot on Mahe in Seychelles.

Prices start from S$7,493 across its range of 8 suites – from the Vista Suite to Owner’s Suite. 

For more info, visit Silversea.

40-Day Bali, Barrier Reef & New Zealand, Seabourn Encore

Another cruise by Seabourn Encore is this 40-day cruise that sails through the waters of Indonesia, stopping by Semarang, Surabaya, Bali and Komodo Island in Indonesia before cruising the waters of Australia – where you can explore Darwin, Cairns, Hamilton Island, Sydney and Melbourne, among others. The ship then carries on to a few cities in New Zealand like Halfmoon Bay and Wellington – before arriving Auckland.

Prices start from S$34,962 across its range of 4 suites – from the Veranda to the Penthouse and Owner’s Suite.

For more info, visit Seabourn Encore

12-Night Singapore to Tianjin, Royal Caribbean

Ovation of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s most technologically advanced ship, is back in Asia. Its cutting edge features include an iFly skydiving simulator, a North Star elevated glass capsule that rises over 90m above sea level, a large indoor active space at sea, a transformative venue that fuses hi-tech and entertainment, a Bionic Bar where robotic bartenders entertain you while mixing up delicious cocktails as well as distinct F&B options including Jamie’s Italian and Wonderland.

The Singapore to Tianjin cruise stops by 4 ports, with a two-day stop in Hong Kong – before arriving Tianjin, Beijing. Along the way, you will get to experience Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Seoul as well.

Prices start from S$1,658 across its range of 4 suites, from the Interior to Deluxe Suites.

For more info, visit Royal Caribbean

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