Organic beauty products that are (almost) good enough to eat

Updated on April 7 2017

Given the omnipresence of organic foods in Hong Kong restaurants and supermarkets these days, it’s easy to adopt the mentality that what goes on your skin should be just as good as what goes into your body. For those discerning individuals who are always on the lookout for safe, organic beauty products, you’re in luck: Lane Crawford has launched a handful of like-minded brands this season that all have one thread in common — they use ingredients so pure and good for you, you could technically (and are meant to, in certain cases), eat them right up. Check out our top picks below.

All products are available at Lane Crawford.

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Edible Beauty Belle Frais Cleaning Milk

As its name suggests, Edible Beauty’s products are indeed safe for human consumption. Their logic? If skin is our largest and most permeable organ, then why would you put something on it that you wouldn’t put in your mouth? The Aussie brand uses only pure, botanical ingredients for its therapeutic and deliciously fragrant products, which are also cruelty-free. For the Belle Frais Cleaning Milk (HK$390), the versatile goodness of coconut milk is used as a gentle cleanser to clear away surface impurities and maintain the skin’s balance. With coconut oil’s significant hydrating properties, the product is well-suited for dry and oily skin types alike. Throw in the addition of apple extract and strawberry fruit enzymes, as well as firming Australian wattle seed, and it’s basically a healthful strawberry milkshake for your face.

Edible Beauty Desert Lime Flawless Micro Exfoliant

Also from Edible Beauty comes this other irresistible product, the Desert Lime Flawless Micro Exfoliant (HK$380), that smells wonderfully like a Key lime pie or a lime cheesecake (go on, have a taste). It’s packed with micro granules of rice to gently polish your skin and remove dead skin cells. Desert Lime also contains active ingredients that stimulate collagen production, as well as bind onto water to increase hydration and absorption of antioxidants; the hyper-hydrating trifecta of camellia oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter; and strawberry fruit extract to further brighten your flawless complexion.

The Beauty Chef GLOW Inner Beauty Powder

Headquartered at Sydney’s glorious Bondi Beach, The Beauty Chef produces health & beauty products that can be incorporated into your food and diet — all designed by a team of chemists, nutritionists, and fellow naturopaths. We got to try the GLOW Inner Beauty Powder (HK$360), which was easily mixed into a (somewhat) healthy cake icing. With a pinkish tint and a pleasantly tart, berry-like flavour, it’s a delicious way to perk up your meals with a powerful cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and probiotics. Best of all, you only need a teaspoon a day. While fitness fanatics may swear by their protein supplement powders, beauty addicts can now load up on The Beauty Chef’s edible skincare formulas in the same way — and it doesn’t have to taste like chalk either (sorry, gym rats).

Vanessa Megan Cryo Facelift Ice Cube Treatment

Another Australian brand (something about the sunny weather down under perhaps?), VM is founded by Vanessa Megan Gray, who shunned the idea of skincare laced with chemicals and synthetic ingredients that we otherwise wouldn’t consume. Experimenting from her own kitchen in 2001, her brand was born — focusing on 100% natural and organic products with 100% recyclable packaging, good for both you and the planet. We were in awe at a demo of the very cool Cryo Facelift Ice Cube Treatment (HK$1,130), a concentrated serum for your face, neck and décolletage that you keep in the freezer and let melt on your skin when you apply it. Regenerating, firming and hydrating, the application method and its organic ingredients, such as ginseng and green coffee seeds, also help to combat wrinkles and puffiness.

Dr. Jackson’s Body Perfecting Gel

Packaged in retro pharmacy bottles, UK brand Dr. Jackson’s is the result of 21 years of researching natural ingredients and collaborating with traditional African and Indonesian healers — so you get modern science mixed with ancient medical wisdom in one bottle. Plus, the brand only uses non-endangered plants and ethical, sustainable supply chains. The Body Perfecting Gel (HK$540) is a tub packed to the brim with rich antioxidants such as sea buckthorn, kigelia, baobab — a powerhouse ingredient the brand heavily touts — as well as orange flower and sweet-smelling patchouli. A silky, moisturising and revitalising gel, it’s ideal for post-workout, and helps to quickly tighten and firm up the skin all over the body. Apart from its skincare line, Dr. Jackson’s also has a range of detox herbal teas.