New bar alert: Lulu’s brings the live lounge concept to Singapore

Tell any Singaporean to go to a lounge, and they’ll immediately think KTV. Lulu’s, even with a name that recalls the Mainland Chinese hostess on The Noose, is a breed apart.

It’s animated and kitschy, like a go go bar from the ’60s come back to life, and made modern.

lulu's lounge sg
Retro glamour goes all out at Lulu’s.

Established by Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz of Bang Bang, Privé and Employees’ Only, Lulu’s is a good-time hub for a refined crowd. You’re not going to find deafening EDM music, or freshly-legal clubbers going hard on the bottle service here.

While bottles are available, the lounge has also got a curated menu of cocktails, quality jazz music, and plenty of space for you to dance without feeling claustrophobically past your prime.

lulu's lounge sg
Bet your neighbourhood KTV looks nothing like this.

The 2,600 sq-ft space is everything you’d expect from a lounge that takes hints from New York back alley bar culture. You’ve got neon lights, feather boas, rhinestones, graffiti on the walls and plush leather couches. There’s also an outdoor terrace if you need a bit of fresh air.

lulu's lounge sg
One of Lulu’s house cocktails.

Lulu’s promises to take one through the evolution of nightlife, where the lighting and music go on a visual and aural journey. Live jazz music transitions to retro dance music by guest DJs as the night wears on (and you get progressively drunker).

If you’re not a fan of the rabble that comes with clubbing in Singapore, but still want to move your feet and have a great time, give Lulu’s a shot.

Lulu’s Lounge, Pan Pacific Hotel, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595, +65 8322 4182  

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