New bar alert: Catchfly remixes classic cocktails with a culinary twist

12 Ann Siang is the newest multi-concept venue to (re)enter the hip neighbourhood, and within its confines is Catchfly, a new American-style cocktail bar housed in the basement of the shophouse building.

catchfly bar sg 12 ann siang
A look inside Catchfly.

Step in, and plush velvet armchairs, black marble and soft mood lighting build an intimate setting. A trail directs your attention to the bar, stocked full of lesser-known and small-batch American spirits for your drinking pleasure.

catchfly bar sg 12 ann siang
Salad Days.

Liam Baer, who hails from New York, is the head mixologist at Catchfly. While the concept of reworking the classics isn’t the most novel approach to a cocktail programme, Baer manages to fire it up with his own personal touch through the use of culinary techniques. Aside from infusions, and making his own syrups, Baer incorporates kitchen equipment into the prep work behind his drinks.

Sous vide-ing tomatoes in gin, is one example, which you’d find in his savoury Salad Days, layered with Bianco vermouth, Gentian liquor, smoked olive oil and pink peppercorns.

catchfly bar sg 12 ann siang
The Honey Badger.

The Honey Badger is an easy favourite, so go for that if you’re not sure what else to order. Yellow chartreuse, rosemary-infused bourbon, lemon, ginger and honey mesh to present a fragrant interpretation of the whisky dry. If you want to try something a little more cheeky, try Self(IE) Adored, a vodka-based cocktail that’s served up with a polaroid photo.

catchfly bar sg 12 ann siang
Catchfly’s lamb corn dogs, kimchi beef chilli with chips, spiced edamame, and short ribs with kale.

Food options include hearty bite-sized snacks, such as lamb corn dogs, spiced edamame, and a kimchi adaptation of chilli con carne with chips.

Baer intends for Catchfly to be a mellow hangout, where people can interact without the pressures of a crowd. If you ever find yourself wanting to avoid the hectic crowds across Ann Siang on a Friday night, then Catchfly is a worthy refuge.

Catchfly, 12 Ann Siang, Singapore 069692, +65 6222 7183

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