Get Juiced: Singapore’s first cashless and queue-less bar to open in July

There are many avenues for frustration on a Friday night at Clarke Quay. Queueing half your life to get into a bar, then having to wait longer to deal with payments are two very common ones that can leave a bitter taste even alcohol can’t wash down.

The people behind Get Juiced have come up with a concept to mitigate these trials that get in way of a good time by running their bar on an Android and iOs-compatible app ordering service. There will still be actual waiters on site, but ordering through the app entitles you to special incentives, and frankly, a better time. Don’t worry, there’s free Wi-Fi.

Place your order and pay through the app, and it’ll alert you when your drinks are ready for collection. Read: no more standing mindlessly in line with 60 other people trying to flail (and fail) wildly for a bartender’s attention.

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Currently, only renderings are available, but it looks like Get Juiced is set to flaunt a retro vibe.

Spanning 8,000 square feet, Get Juiced features a bar, but it also houses a dance floor, a lounge and live band area. Currently, it’s advisable to get grub before going to the bar, but its folks plan to set up a food truck-style concept for easy bites when you’re on the premises.

Get Juiced will run app ordering from 8 July, but it’s got soft opening events lined up on 25 and 30 June, 1 July and 5 July onwards.

Get Juiced, 3E River Valley Road, #02-01, Singapore 179204, +65 6733 3549.

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