8 best serums to rejuvenate your skin after a gruelling party season

Updated on January 5 2018

For anyone with social obligations, the month of December would have been packed with parties that demanded pounding the pavement with alcohol and food. A festive season doesn’t have space for juice cleanses and salads, let alone proper skincare after the late nights and early mornings.

As much as the cliché “new year, new me” gets its fair share of hate, let’s be real, it’s human nature to plant some optimism in a fresh start. There’s no better way to blaze that trail than focusing on recuperation and self-care. We’re not calling for a full-on overhaul on your diet and skincare practises, but it’s worth investing in some rejuvenating complexion rescue, and there’s no product more effective for the task than serums.

Serums are targeted skincare solutions, often water-based, and packed with active ingredients to solve specific needs. They should be applied after cleansing, before a sheet mask, moisturiser or other cream-based products. The best serums to look for when it comes to renewal are those concocted with ingredients that hydrate, repair and address dullness, as well as blemishes. Familiar names like hyaluronic acid, and other chemical exfoliants are often mainstays in serums because of their potent ability to replenish the skin near-immediately, with a visible difference after application.

In the interest of helping you look better this 2018, here are some of the best serums on the market to add to your skincare suite.

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Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum

The magic of hyaluronic acid, especially in a humid country like Singapore, is that the compound addresses your skin’s dehydration with its ability to draw water from the surrounding air into your skin’s layers. Eve Lom’s uncomplicated serum uses a combination premium-grade hyaluronic acid and glyrecin, without other fillers or fluff ingredients, to give your skin a heavy dose of hydration. This makes your skin plumper, restores its lustre, and abates dryness — exactly what you need after a night out drinking.

S$185. Available on Sephora.


Ren Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum

Redness comes in tandem with sensitive skin, especially if you’re prone to acne or other dermatological issues. It is a sign of aggravated skin, so calm it down with Ren’s redness-reducing serum. Made with milk proteins and yeast polysaccharides, the two key ingredients soothe inflammation, while other plant-based extracts like rice and soy sweep in to rebuild your skin’s moisture barrier. This product is suitable for sensitive skin.

S$51.50. Available on Lookfantastic


Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum

It is a lot harder to get ageing skin to bounce back after maltreatment, so thankfully, ferulic acid is here to save your face. The natural antioxidant, found in fruits and vegetables, has gained popularity steadily over the past three years thanks to its ability to combat skin stress from pollutants, while slowing the ageing process. It is coupled with retinol, acting as a stabilising agent for the former, which is one of the most intensive anti-ageing vitamins on the market. Retinol stimulates skin cell repair, and its turnover rate. The combination of both results in a high efficacy serum that delivers visible results overnight, as promised.

S$141. Available on Lookfantastic.


Lee Jiham Vita-Propolis Ampoule

Propolis, the substance bees produce to coat their hives, are a highly restorative ingredient with healing properties. Many Korean beauty companies have adopted propolis as an ingredient in their serums, and ampoules (extra-concentrated serum solutions), but Lee Jiham, also know as LJH, has an offering that is one of the most raved about. Made with 50 percent propolis, 20 percent multi-vitamins, and other botanical extracts, this ampoule is

S$45.90. Available on Lazada.


Kiehl's Powerful Line-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Vitamin C is a basic necessity that helps strengthen one’s immune system,  but it’s also a powerful antioxidant when applied topically. Kiehl’s concentrated serum has 12.5 percent Vitamin C, and added hyaluronic acid to improve your face’s texture, reduce hyperpigmentation and sun damage, as well as minimise fine lines. If you’ve been on a beach trip, or hitting the pool loads during the holidays, this is an excellent way to replenish your skin.

S$105. Available at Kiehl’s boutiques and Tangs.


Sunday Riley Good Genes

Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is a cult product for good reason. Its main active ingredient is a gentle chemical exfoliant, lactic acid, bottled at a low pH. Its presence causes your cellular turnover rate to increase, ridding your epidermis from accumulated grime and dead tissue to reveal a brighter complexion with unclogged pores. Those with mature skin, and are struggling with dullness or a lack of elasticity should definitely give this one a try.

S$140. Available on Net-A-Porter.


Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

Pressed serums are growing in popularity, but Korean beauty brand, Blithe, takes credit for making the new category popular. The custardy texture applies and acts as a humectant, much like a cream, with all the efficacy of a serum. This serum promises hydration, alongside free radical and pollutant protection thanks to the use of chaga mushrooms harvested from the cold tundras. Chaga mushrooms contain high levels of melanin, protecting against sun damage, while giving your skin the nourishment it needs to get glowing. This product is also a multi-tasker, as it can be used in place of a moisturiser and serum, or a sleep mask for those with oilier skin.

S$64. Available at Sephora.


Irén Serums

Irén is an all-new, Singaporean skincare brand created by the founders of Ikeda Spa and Face Shower Bar. They’ve innovated a line of serums catering to a specific skincare need, ranging from soothing, to anti-acne, and wrinkle prevention. The beauty of this product line is how you can combine the serums, and apply them all at once, without the loss of individual efficacy. There’s also zero waiting time after you apply it to the skin, because it’s so fast-absorbing. Our favourite is the Hydrating one, made with blueberry extract to enhance your skin’s suppleness. If you need a quick fix after a late night, or a brutal hangover, these are the fastest-working gems to buy.

S$58 each. Available at Face Shower Bar.

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