Digital edge: The Light Phone 2 is the digital detoxing tool you need

Updated on March 8 2018

It’s safe to say that not a minute that goes by without us checking our smartphones. Even when our screen doesn’t light up with the promise of a notification, we still unlock our phones hoping for one. We are addicted to social media and the instant gratification it brings. Cue the Light Phone 2, the answer to our digital woes.

light phone 2
The Light Phone 2 is a phone with an e-ink screen that has just the basic functions: calling, messaging, and setting an alarm.

The Light Phone 2 a cross between the phones from Nokia’s heyday and Amazon’s Kindle. That means users will only get simple functions like calling and texting on an e-ink screen. Yes, you read that right. No emails, social media, or news updates.

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With the Light Phone 2, you can take your dog for a stroll through the park on the weekends without worrying about posting an Instagram Story. Or perhaps you’ve taken a day off and want to be left alone from the world. The Light Phone 2 lets you go off the grid without disappearing entirely, lest there is an emergency you have to attend to.

light phone 2
For the creatives who don’t want to be disturbed while they’re working on a new project, the Light Phone 2 is a tool to get (almost) off the grid.

No, this won’t replace your flagship smartphone that has all your memories stored within. What the Light Phone 2 does is to give you an escape. It is a means to an end if you want to take a break from all the hubbub and white noise.

The Light Phone 2 retails for US$250 (S$350) and is slated to ship to customers starting April 2019.