Earth Hour: Turn off the lights and treat yourself to these eco-friendly scented candles

Every year in March, the world unites for a one-hour window to show solidarity towards greener living by turning off all the lights. Established in 2007 in Sydney, Earth Hour takes place again this year this coming Saturday on 24 March, when participants all around the globe will sit in darkness for one hour from 8:30–9:30pm, local time. Whether you’ve always been a keen participant of Earth Hour or are new to the idea, turning off the lights does more for the environment than you think — especially when completed en masse.

Beyond just saving energy, it also (hopefully) opens up the skies for observation sans light pollution. It also provides an opportunity for you to feel more present in your space; sit down and have a quiet conversation with your family, friends or roommates, share a meal, or enjoy some me time to reflect on the day. Instead of making epic plans for the weekend (especially in light of the high-octane week of art and special events we have ahead of us), wind down and relax instead with these eco-friendly scented candles.

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The candles in this list are all made with beeswax or soy instead of petroleum-based paraffin (which is said to contain carcinogens), natural essential oils instead of artificial scents, as well as cotton wicks to provide a clean, safe burn. In an effort to do some good for the environment, perhaps a try will sway you to make toxin-free candles a regular alternative to switching on the lights every now and then.



Founded by wellness guru, founder of online lifestyle store Backroom, and certified doctor of natural medicine Doris Ngie, MYBU candles are Hong Kong’s first homegrown eco-friendly candles. They’re 100% plant-based, made using soy wax and aromatherapy oils with no chemical fragrances added. Scents range from refreshing wild lemongrass and cedarwood to mood-lifting sweet orange, jasmine and patchouli. You’ll get a burn time of over 50 hours.

HK$230–420 from MYBU Candle



Partnering with a local bee farm in Hong Kong, Essencial candles are handmade in Hong Kong with beeswax and pure essential oils only. Scents are available across 12 aromatherapy notes, with fragrances including cinnamon, orange and clove, bergamot and cedarwood to choose from. The candles allow for approximately 38 hours of burn time.

HK$150–250 from Essencial Candles



Who can resist a good old luxury massage candle? If it’s good enough to rub on your skin, it should be good enough to inhale. Prismologie’s soothing blend of oud, wild mango and coconut oil exudes a luxury spa aroma in the comfort of your own home, and you can pour out the rendered oil for a full massage treatment for yourself or your loved one. The candle wax is made with natural soy and beeswax.

HK$650 from Lane Crawford


Maison Blanche

This stylish Aussie candle brand makes its products from vegan soy wax, is cruelty-free and promises a burn time of over 40 hours with each handmade candle. At the time of writing, these candles became temporarily sold out online — if that’s any testament to the brand’s popularity.

HK$220 from Caelum Greene


Falling Into Place

Made with 100% pure soy wax and skin-safe, phthalate-free fragrances, Falling Into Place candles wouldn’t look out of place in any hip millennial’s home. Each candle burns for about 50 hours. Scents like White Tea and Berries or Mandarin Sunrise are reminiscent of quiet, reflective sundown hours.

HK$220 from Caelum Greene


Aromatherapy Associates

The UK master of aromatherapy skin and body care — beloved worldwide for their pure and gorgeous-smelling essential oils — is without surprise also a purveyor of high quality soy candles. Hand-poured and 100% free of genetically modified ingredients, candles burn for about 40 hours. Scents are available in all of the brand’s signature scents, whether you’re looking to re-energise or relax.

HK$555 from Lane Crawford


Bamford Grooming Department

Looking for candles, but not into the typical sweet or floral scents you tend to find? Men’s (or unisex, really) grooming label Bamford Grooming Department stocks one stylish candle featuring scents of vetiver, amber, wood smoke, agarwood and leather. Even better, it’s made with natural waxes, a single cotton wick, and burns for up to a whopping 110 hours.

HK$825 from Lane Crawford