These Prada yoga mats are the ultimate summer fitness accessory

Regardless of whether you’re a highly enthusiastic yogi-wannabe or a passive and sporadic participant, there’s no denying the power of a great yoga mat. “Non-slip,” “high-performance,” and “lightweight” are all terms manufacturers have slapped onto their products to stand out, but sometimes, all we just want is one that is as easy on the eyes as it is on our body.

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Prada yoga mats
The banana-printed Prada yoga mat.

If you believe your asana deserves a more stylish and indulgent platform to go with your top-of-the-line bodywear and immaculately designed studio, Prada has taken the liberty to create a series of yoga mats. There are three reissued hibiscus hues — cherry red, bright blue and army green — in the limited edition series, but our favourite would have to be the one with an iconic banana print, resurrected from the quirky and rather unforgettable Spring 2011 collection.

Prada yoga mats
The boldly hued Prada yoga mat in cherry red.

Like everything that rolls out of Miuccia’s workshop, the Prada yoga mats are made in Italy, and roll out to a standard size of 180cm by 61cm. It’s no doubt an expensive investment, but if this is one way to get you to show up at the studio, then it’s S$680 well spent.

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