Coming soon: 10 jaw-dropping hotels to watch out for

We’re so spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury hotels that most of us forget what the hotel even looks like as soon as we return the keys to the front desk.

Recently, however, we’ve noticed a new trend emerging on the hotel front as more and more plans for design-orientated hotels have been popping up all over the place.

Click through to see our pick of the most impressive and jaw-dropping hotel designs we’ve seen so far:

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China: Shimao Quarry Hotel

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a night in a villain’s lair, the Songjiang Hotel will probably be the closest you can get. Built into a 100 metre quarry, the 400-room hotel will feature a waterfall, underwater restaurants and various activities such as bungee jumping.

Opening: 2015

For more information, visit

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Norway: Krystall Hotel

If seeing the northern lights has been on your bucket list for a few years now, we suggest you wait a few more. The Krystall Hotel promises to be one of the best spots to see the Aurora Borealis. The snowflake shaped hotel will be the first five-star floating hotel in Europe, featuring 86 luxurious rooms, a spa and a wellness centre — and did we mention glass ceilings? We predict many nights of in-room-dining and star-gazing from the comfort of your beds.

Opening: 2017

For more information, visit

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Peru: Unbalance Hotel

The Unbalance Hotel, set to open in Peru, will work with nature by framing what’s already there. Granted, the way it hangs onto the cliffs is a little intimidating, but it’ll allow you to be right near the water and land at the same time.

Opening: TBC

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Norway: Lofoten Opera Hotel

With the ocean on one side and mountains on the other, the Lofoten Opera Hotel will certainly have a stunning location. The snake-like shape adapts perfectly to the rugged surroundings and will have you feeling like you’re in the middle of the elements.

Opening: TBC — still in development phase.

For more information, visit

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Dubai: Water Discus Hotel

If you’re looking for a hotel that goes above and beyond, the Water Discus Hotel in Dubai is (literally) it. Comprised of two discs (one above and one under the water), it will house 21 luxe rooms and a training pool for scuba diving. While the opening year for the Water Discus Hotel in Dubai has not yet been revealed, plans are being made to build similar hotels in other destinations worldwide, including the Maldives.

Opening: TBC

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Azerbaijan: The Crescent Hotel

Inspired by the national symbol of Azerbaijan, the gigantic down-turned Crescent Hotel (to be part of the renowned Kempinski Group) will house 360 luxurious six-star rooms.

Opening: 2015

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Dubai: ME by Meliá

The Opus Dubai will be just one of the many landmarks to add to Dubai’s steadily growing list. The entire building is one colossal optical illusion that appears to be one tower but is actually a set of three. The Opus Dubai will house Dubai’s first ME by Meliá hotel with 100 spacious rooms and Michelin-star restaurants.

Opening: 2016

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China: Dawang Mountain Resort

Located near the city of Changsha, this currently ‘unnamed’ hotel will feature 270 suites with stunning views of Tongxi Lake and Dawang Mountain.

Opening: 2016

For more information, visit

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England: Nobu Hotel

Best known for their Japanese delicacies, Nobu is set to open an impressive new hotel in London come 2016. Located in the up-and-coming area of Shoreditch, the modern angular building will house 156 rooms built around a triple-height restaurant.

Opening: 2016

For more information, visit

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Macau: City of Dreams Hotel Tower

We’ve lost track of just how many hotels there are in Macau but we’re very excited about the new addition of a City of Dreams Hotel Tower — the design is definitely unlike anything we’ve seen in the gambling Mecca so far. The skeletal building will feature a casino floor as well as 780 rooms, restaurants, top floor villas and a sky pool.

Opening: 2017

For more information, visit

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