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Gaby Doman

BK Editor

Start date:

May 2, 2014

Questions and Answers

My current food obsession …  

“Eggs! Always eggs. My friends always jokingly ask me how many I’ve had each day, because inevitably it will be something ridiculous, like four chicken eggs and 10 quail eggs. I think they’re a bit magical.”

My ideal weekend … 

“As odd as it sounds, my ideal weekend includes lots of time in the gym lifting weights. There’s nothing more fun or satisfying than getting stronger week by week and knowing you’ve really earned your Saturday night out.”

A song I can’t stop listening to … 

“Love Song by The Cure. It’s pretty much on a loop I my head all day, every day. It’s the most simple love song, but somehow it gets me emotional every time I hear it. I am really soppy when I’m in love.”

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