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LSA Weekly Horoscope: 19-25 December 2022

Christmas is coming, Capricorn season is beginning. Here’s what this means for your weekly horoscope between 19-25 December.

The Tarot is the mirror of our soul. Each card reflects what’s not only going on within us, but also, symbolises our divine connection to the forces of the Universe – those which we can see and those which we cannot. The images printed on the cards are symbols that contain the keys to unravel all the mysteries of our existence. However, these images have a life of their own, and thus, they change whenever the cards are shuffled. Every shuffle infuses them with magic. Every shuffle infuses us with magic. On that note, let us see what magic it holds for this week’s December horoscope.

This week, a powerful new moon falls upon the night of the winter-solstice. As the year comes closer to its frosty end, the season of Capricorn begins. The goat of Saturn brings with it the karmic rewards for all the good we have done this year. Most of them will be given to us on the magically miraculous day of Christmas. How apt that this blessed day should fall on a Sunday this year! The stars have special messages for us that have been divined lovingly by the Tarot. The Angels have blessed these messages so that we may make the most of the week ahead, and be filled with love, light, and hope.

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Aries weekly horoscope

Sometimes when we find ourselves at crossroads in life, the best way to know which path we need to follow is by letting go off all that doesn’t serve us anymore. Be it habits, behavioural patterns, toxic relationships that cling to us like cobwebs, problematic and limiting belief systems, and even old versions of ourselves that we’ve outgrown – let them go! It may not be easy to do so, but it’s important that you start doing. When you’ve released the above, the path for you becomes all the clearer, and you’ll be able to triumphantly march towards your best possible life!

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Taurus weekly horoscope

This is a week to celebrate with your loved ones, and your family – whether it’s of blood or of soul. Honour them! Make sure that they know how much they mean to you. Sometimes they need to be told how deeply you truly care about them. If some relationships have gone sour, this is a week to forgive, forget, and mend. If some have grown distant, re-connect. As self-sufficient and self-reliant you may be, we still need our loved ones to empower us in many ways. Open your heart, allow them to enter. Remind them that they have a secure space within your heart.

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Gemini weekly horoscope

This is a week for you to work your magic. Start putting your own personal ‘individual stamp’ on everything and anything you do. One way of doing so is to allow your own individuality to shine through authentically in everything you do. A magical way to go about it is to draw sigils (look it up) or use a symbol that has a special meaning for you a lot (like the ॐ symbol, the cross, the Star of David, the crescent moon, etc.) Draw it on your glass to bless the water you drink, or even draw a tiny bit on your clothes to protect your energy field. If you have pens with non-toxic ink, draw it on your left palm so that you may receive the magic of this sigil or symbol.

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Cancer weekly horoscope

For those of you who have pets, this is a powerful week to connect with them. Our furry family members possess special magical powers and abilities that are invisible and inaccessible to us humans. Many of them can have a profound healing effect on us on a physical, mental, emotional, and even a spiritual level. For those who do not have pets, consider getting one. If that’s not possible, start observing animals you are drawn to. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about yourself, as well as, how you may find answers to so many questions that haunt you – just by observing them.

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Leo weekly horoscope

This is an important week for you to heal things with your mothers, and perhaps even your entire maternal lineage. Whether it’s making up after minor tiffs, or even forgiving yourself and her for past wounds, or perhaps even just spending time with her and let her speak her heart out. Spend time getting to know her better. Forgiving our mother and healing our maternal lineage can have a profound effect on us, as it can enable us to access not only powerful intuitive abilities, but it can also help in healing ourselves in deeply profound ways that we cannot even begin to imagine.

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Virgo weekly horoscope

This week demands that you be unapologetically strong. Do not fear your strength, and do not hesitate using it to help you get through the week ahead. Now is not the time to be soft, nor is it ideal to take a more genteel approach to things. There’s nothing wrong in getting straight to the point, and get the job done. It is time for you to get down and dirty, and not flinch over all the gory details. Time has come for you to stop making excuses and just do it! You’d be surprised how liberating this kind of approach can be. You might even be surprised by how you adapt so easily to this kind of behaviour.

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Libra weekly horoscope

For this week’s December horoscope, pay attention – for important spiritual downloads are being transmitted to you from the divine forces of ‘The Universe’. These may come to you through your dreams, your prayers, your meditations, or even through ‘randomly convenient moments of synchronicity’. Pay special attention for signs, symbols, omens, and even feathers. Keep especially watchful of repeating number patterns, also known as ‘angel numbers’ – especially, but not limited to – 1111, 2222, 444, 4444, 888, and 8888.  Seeing them is a sign that you are in alignment with the divine, and that you’re on the right path.

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Scorpio weekly horoscope

This week, connect with the classical elements of nature. For fire, light candles, and meditate on the flame. For air, practice breath-work and pranayama for not only overall health and well-being, but to harmonise the chemicals of your mind, the health of your body. For water, soak yourself in a tub of warm water, and close your eyes so that you can experience how your body communicates with you. For earth, walk barefoot upon the grass first thing in the morning. Doing this has numerous benefits, including – reducing pain and inflammation, improved sleep cycles, and regulating your heart and nervous system. If possible – try escaping the city so that your connection with the elements can be more immersive.

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Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Trust your instincts, Sagittarius. Don’t believe people blindly, but at the same time, do not be paranoid about it. The best way to know how trustworthy a person is, is by paying close attention to the words they use, along with those that they don’t. It can be confusing at first, but with patience, and lots of practice, you’ll be able to suss people out all the better. Furthermore, remember that it’s perfectly okay to say ‘no’ to the demands of others upon yourself.

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Capricorn weekly horoscope

Welcome to your season Capricorn. While the rest of the world tries to find relief from the harsh winter chill, this is your time to blossom and shine and dazzle the world with your brilliant self. The best way to do this is to truly know yourself. Connect with your ancestors – of blood, and of spirit. The more you learn about your heritage and legacy, the more you’ll learn about yourself, and the more secure you’ll be in your own skin. You may even be surprised by the startling new insights and ‘ah-ha moments’ you may experience as you deep dive into your roots. Spending time with your family, may help you heal old wounds, and give you the strength to become the best version of yourself.

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Aquarius weekly horoscope

Food can be the poison, as well as the cure. This festive week is one where you should pay attention to all that you consume. Yes, it’s perfectly alright to indulge here and there, but make sure you balance it out with healthy choices and do not skip your exercise. Beyond food, remember, we also consume ‘media’. Be mindful of your media consumption habits. The movies you watch, the tv shows you binge, and the music you listen to can have a profound effect on your mood and even your mental and physical health. Social media can play tricks with our mind – be very particular about how you consume it.

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Pisces weekly horoscope

Festive seasons, though merry, can have quite the harsh effect on your mind, body, and soul. Thus, make sure that you keep yourself protected throughout this week, dear Pisces. Keep your boundaries firm and make sure they are respected by others, as well as yourself. Your personal time is yours, and no one has the right to disturb it in any way possible. Working with powerful crystals can be particularly beneficial for you. Onyx will keep conflict at bay. Obsidian grounds and protects. Smoky Quartz soothes your heart and soul. Amethyst works for everything!

LSA Weekly Horoscope: 19-25 December 2022

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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