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How to use Libra season to your advantage, based on your zodiac sign

Whatever zodiac sign or season we enter, everyone is bound to be affected. Here’s how to utilise the current Libra season to your advantage, and add to your wellness routine based on your zodiac sign.

When we allow the universal energies to help us rather than operating from fixed and rigid ways of working, not only do we see better results but the entire process of healing, change and transformation become effortless. The dance of the Earth system is a dance of polarities. It’s all about choices and balance, much like the zodiac sign Libra, the season which starts from September 22 and lasts until October 22.

Ruled by Venus, zodiac sign Libra inspires peace, harmony, justice, creativity and balance. This cardinal sign wears the crown of the air element. Smart and witty, the goddess Themis rules the zodiac sign Libra, with her blind fold and scales of justice. The sword in her hand separating the lies from the truth.

The key thing to watch out for this season is balancing boundaries. And because the zodiac sign Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, relationships and partnerships of all kinds, we must take a closer look at these areas. This libra season is blessed by a solar eclipse and now that mercury has gone direct the energy is full steam ahead. So how is all this relevant to you?

Zodiac sign Libra: How other sun signs can use this season to their advantage


Aries: Libra zodiac sign

It is a perfect time to start a spiritual practice or deepen your existing spiritual practice. Remember you are the creator of your reality, not a victim of your circumstances. Release patterns of negativity and judgement and focus only on what you want to create. Find time to meditate and be still. Doing the inner work, the shadow work gives you deeper access to higher consciousness. Balance your third eye chakra for clear messages from your higher self. Play, be joyful and stand in your power.


Taurus: Libra Zodiac sign

Libra season invites you to fully step into your heart and practice unconditional self love. Love is a guiding force in the universe, a field that resonates in each of us. Remember love need not be feared nor withheld. Love is safe and it can be free of expectations if you choose. Practice both giving and receiving to bring your yin and yang into balance. Focus on self love to clear out any limitations around self healing.


Gemini: Zodiac sign Libra

The Universe is pouring its cornucopia of love on you. Open your heart and tune into the vibration of love. The stage is set for you to choose love, invest in yourself and in your relationships. Let go of that which doesn’t serve you anymore, old patterns, limiting beliefs, toxic attachments, fear. Visualise your heart centre expanding, allowing love to ignite every cell in your body.


Cancer: Zodiac sign Libra

Give yourself permission to manifest your heart’s true desire. You already have everything you need to make it happen, the only thing standing in your way is you. Don’t take life too seriously, the more you play and experiment, the more creative you become. If fear and mental activity get in the way, take a couple of deep breaths, drop your awareness into your sacral chakra and affirm “I Flow”. Now let go and choose to free flow.


Leo: Zodiac sign Libra

Be discerning for all that glitters is not gold and things are not always as they seem. Libra season encourages you to follow your intuition and dream big. Root yourself deep into the earth, like an old tree and soar high like an Eagle for expanded vision and focus. Balance your inner and outer worlds to allow the cycle of completion and rebirth. The universe is communicating with you, be open to moving beyond the perceived limits of time, space and causality. An expansion is upon you so dare to dream.


Virgo: Zodiac sign Libra

Ask yourself “What is my relationship with control?”, notice where you give up your control to others or where you tend to be controlling and write it down for clarity. This season you have an opportunity to bring all this into balance. The stories you tell yourself have a massive impact on your reality and wellbeing. Practise speaking about yourself only in a positive way. Make yourself sound good, this will make you feel good and that will manifest all that goodness you want. Remember your power is yours to keep , you are free to be yourself. No more excuses, no more apologies.


Zodiac sign Libra

It is your time to shine bright. The sun is in your sign, filling you with positive energy. However, before you can sit back and bask in the beautiful libra sun, there are a few things you can do to generate a more luxurious experience. It is safe for you to be in your power, your authentic power is the foundation for joy and success. Forgive yourself for all that you think you have done or haven’t done. Release responsibility to others, remember you are not ice cream, you cannot make everyone happy. Focus on your own happiness, joy and creativity.


Scorpio: Zodiac sign Libra

All is possible. You have the potential to manifest everything you desire. Libra season brings fantastic good fortune and lucky chances for you. But first you must affirm, I am alive with potential and fertile with possibility. Recognise and honour your dreams, your desires, and lovingly allow them to gestate and birth. You are an expression of the infinite potential of the universe. Nurture your potential by healing the goddess within with self care. Accept yourself completely, the good, the bad and the ugly. Practice grounding and balancing your emotions.



Bring your attention into the here and now. This is a great time for you to let go of old disappointments that weigh on you and pull you into the vibration of fear. Consciously allow yourself to move beyond the fear of separation, conflict and having power over each other. All this fear and heaviness comes from the mind so, drop your awareness into your heart. Feel instead of thinking, follow your intuition. Take measures to cleanse, strengthen and protect your physical body and home. Choose to connect to the Earth element for grounding, stability and strength in times of chaos.



There is no need to worry or force things to happen. Trust in divine timing, everything happens according to vibration and alignment. Practice going with the flow, instead of trying to control yourself or others. Remember everything is occurring in perfect timing. You have access to the purity of your soul, it is time to recognise all that you are. Soak your feet in warm salt water, light a candle and use your breath to release any blocks you have around trust and purity.



“All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory”. The sun is in your sister air sign and is supporting you to create an energetic resonance for golden opportunities. But here’s the thing, since there’s already so much support from the cosmos, you are being asked to relax and flow, take the path of least resistance for magic to unfold. Don’t work so hard that you override your essence of being. It’s time to refill your cup, rest and focus on your vibration. Soften and make peace with yourself and the situation. Let go into the cosmic expansion that is calling you.



Libra season is pouring strength and courage onto you. You are stronger than you think you are and it’s time to see your dreams, goals and desires through to completion. In order to do that you may need to retreat, just enough to gain clarity. Believe in yourself, have the courage to fail and succeed, it’s not about the outcome, it’s about you standing in your power.

How to use Libra season to your advantage, based on your zodiac sign

Rea is an energy worker, healing facilitator, tarot therapist, Capoeirista and a lover of magic, who believes opening the correct channels helps in self healing. Contact @dancingkrishna for session/information

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