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6 best hair masks to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous

Are you struggling with a “hair hangover”?

We are always so worried about our acne popping up on our face or our dry skin, but completely ignore or pay little attention to our hair strands. Have you been feeling those curls drying up or your highlights looking a little dull? Why not have a salon-worthy hair spa at home, because after all, our hair deserves some TLC, too.

The hunt to find the perfect solution to treat your hair can seem never-ending. Fret not, because we’ve got hair masks to the rescue. A mask for hair? Yes, think of it as a conditioner but more intensive and a solution that works wonders. These miracle-working hair masks are the ultimate haircare solution to restore moisture, hydrate your hair, and brighten up your locks whether your hair is frizzy, bleached, or has split ends. We’ve rounded up the best hair masks that will cure your damaged headlocks and your stressed-out strands. After all, nothing satisfies us more than that perfect hair day.

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This one is a miracle worker that deeply nourishes dry hair and reverses any damage caused to the hair. How? It restores the hair’s protective layers and minimizes any porosity. The cuticles are smoothened and the hair is hydrated by the fresh citrusy fragrance and ingredients in Living Proof’s Restore Mask Treatment. With its weightless conditioning agent, powered by Patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), expect to see a shiny, glossy hair afterward. It’s great for split ends, damaged and dry hair.

Wet your hair and apply this restore mask treatment from the roots up to the end and leave it roughly for 5 minutes and rinse it thoroughly afterward. Our advice? Use it 1-2 times per week.

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A quick, simple hydrating solution that would really benefit your hair overall. Briogeo’s deep conditioning mask helps in restoring essential hydration and brings a natural vibrancy to your over-processed or brittle hair condition. The ingredients? When you have B vitamins to rosehip oil, argan oil, collagen, and silk — the word “damage” is quite non-existent.

This hair mask is a nutrient-rich transforming solution to turn your damaged hair into lustrous-looking locks. Also, to protect from getting damaged in the future, its NOVA complex formulation has been infused with 95 percent naturally-derived ingredients. After you’ve shampooed, massage the mask into your hair and spread it evenly. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and rinse it.

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Turn your bathroom into a Mediterranean sanctuary with the indie Abyssinian’s Dry & Damaged Hair Mask that is enriched with Abyssinian oil and derives from an ancient Mediterranean crop extract. The moisture-retention properties of this lightweight oil contain a concentrate of silk proteins that work as an all-rounder intense recovery treatment to the rescue. It’s infused with all the essentials —
molecular structure with phytosterols, omega 3-6-9, and vitamins E-B5. Splurge into this hair mask and rejuvenate that hair you’ve been cribbing about.

On moist clean hair, take a palm-size measure and spread it from the midsection to the ends of your hair. You can even comb through to spread evenly and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Finally, rinse it wholly.

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What’s there not to love about this hair mask? It doesn’t get any more convenient than this, especially for all us who aren’t a fan of long head baths. IGK’s dry treatment mask is a time-release solution made with bond-building technology that allows you to apply on your hair whenever you want. It’s made of vegan silk extracts that aids in softening and detangling your hair. For those who are always on-the-go, this is downright your ideal hair mask. You don’t even need to wash your hair! Simply shake the bottle well, add to dry hair in sections, and comb your hair through before going to bed.

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If dry hair has you down, then look no further. This mask has been concentrated in aloe vera and is composed of 98% natural-origin ingredients. The best part? Its ultra-light texture allows it to melt right into the hair for an instant result. We are well-informed that aloe vera is one of the best extracts — it contains vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients that can really help hydrate the hair. Now, with Flaxseed oil, a superseed oil, enriched in fatty acids, you are going to see your hair boost its elasticity and resilience and strive all the way.

After shampooing, apply a small amount onto wet hair and massage gently throughout the hair from the scalp down through the ends. Leave on for as long as you feel like and then rinse thoroughly.

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Have you been having a “hair hangover”? Here are some symptoms: your hair has been limping, dull, or is lacking luster and feeling quite frazzled. Luckily, Percy & Reed’s ingenious (really) leave-in treatment can easily absorb into dry hair and help nourish it, rehydrate, and repair any damages. Now, this is quite a dreamy transformation. The natural protein in this hair mask boosts the hair’s ability to retain moisture and resist humidity and fight frizziness. Keep in mind, that you should apply this wonder to dry hair from the root to the tip before going off to bed so it can be left overnight and in the morning, simply shampoo your hair. Settle in a for a good night’s sleep and wake up to your hair’s overnight transformation.

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