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The best men’s deodorant to keep you super fresh this weekend

You may not always notice when someone is using it, but you definitely notice when they aren’t using it. Men’s deodorant: the greatest essential in a man’s grooming routine.

We’re constantly propping up the best fragrances and colognes, but that’s all for nought if your body odour overwhelms the vetiver and oud. A good deodorant will neutralise any natural musk and allow your eau de parfum to bloom. Bonus if it has an antiperspirant to stop your underarms from going moist.

But the many options can be inundating. There are dollar store sprays, luxury sticks, aluminium-free choices, and ones touting all-natural ingredients. Research is recommended before buying a deodorant even though they cost less than a yearly Netflix subscription.

Here are some of our pointers you should take note of before adding a deodorant into your cart:

  • Deodorants are not necessarily always antiperspirants – look out for the term while shopping.
  • You don’t need antiperspirant if you’re just headed to the gym or the beach as the whole point is to work up a sweat and perspire. But if you’re feeling courteous, it doesn’t take much effort to apply.
  • Most fragrance houses (think Le Labo and Tom Ford’s Private Blend) make deodorants that complement their signature perfumes, a factor you should consider if you’re already using their products.
  • “100% natural” deodorants refer to them being aluminium-free – it is the ingredient used in antiperspirants that stop your pits from sweating. Instead, they might use clay or baking soda to absorb moisture.
  • Stop using your deodorant if it’s making your skin uncomfortable. There are skin-sensitive options that would be gentler for you.

To keep things easy, here are our picks of the best deodorants deserving of a spot on your grooming regimen.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Malin + Goetz]

This article first appeared on Augustman Singapore

The best men’s deodorant to keep you fresh

The Terre d’Hermès deodorant proves that a little luxury will go a long way. It’s an addition to the fragrance series of the same name so it bears the same woody and aromatic elements, but it isn’t too overpowering so it doesn’t it invades your nostrils. Plop it into your duffel bag for the gym.

THB 1600

Sensitive skin calls for a suitable deodorant, and Baxter of California’s deodorant has a formula for that. It is aluminium, paraben, and alcohol-free, using ingredients like witch hazel and tea tree instead to get rid of any odours.

THB 623

For maximum impact and protection, Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain antiperspirant deodorant stick will do the trick. The “24-hour-strong” in its name should safely indicate its long-lasting formula, and it simultaneously eliminates body odour and wicks moisture, making it the ideal stick to bring along for any outdoor adventures or when you’re travelling.

THB 801

We love a good travel essential, and Malin+Goetz’s best-selling Eucalyptus deodorant fits perfectly in our carry-ons. The gel roll-on uses natural eucalyptus extract and citronellyl for a fresh fragrance. It is also vegan and cruelty, aluminium, alcohol, and paraben-free.

THB 757

One of the most iconic scents from Tom Ford is Oud Wood from his Private Blend collection, and yes, there is a deodorant stick version of the best-selling eau de parfum. If you want to smell rich, this is the deodorant to get.

THB 2070

6 /6

Boss Bottled Deodorant Spray

BOSS Bottled has been one of the most classic men’s fragrances for more than two decades now and is one of our favourites. The gents with a penchant for a timeless scent will no doubt love the deodorant version of the masculine cologne thanks to sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver.

THB 1300
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