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13 best face cleansers that every gentleman needs

Gone are days when a skincare regimen was only for women. Grooming essentials are important for men, too — especially when it comes to a daily face cleanser. However, with a wide selection of men’s facial treatments available in the market, we can easily get overwhelmed by choices.

To help you become the dapper gentlemen you’ve always dreamed to be, we’ve curated a list of best men’s face cleansers for you. From Shiseido to Lab Series, here are our top picks that will leave your skin feeling fresh and thoroughly clean.

Here are some of the best face cleansers for gentlemen out there

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Level up your grooming routine with Shiseido Men Cleansing Foam. With its brilliant foam formula, this foaming face wash can act as a cleanser that gets rid of your impurities and a shaving foam that ensures you a smooth shave.

Enriched with Sophora Angustifolia root extracts, it also smoothens and locks all the moisture in your skin. This highly-effective face cleanser is ideal for daily use regardless of skin type.

If you haven’t heard of Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, you’re missing out on a really good facial cleanser. A real overachiever, this face bar cleanses, moisturises and detoxifies your skin all at the same time. It consists of dead sea mud that helps maintain all the natural minerals on your face and must be a part of your daily skincare routine owing to its numerous skin benefits.

With its indulgent palm kernel extracts, it can also accelerate your facial collagen production, all while removing residues and unclog pores through a deep clean.

Those with dry to normal skin types should add this Clinique For Men Face Wash to your facial regimen. Infused with freshly squeezed aloe barbadensis leaf juice, this face cleanser can reduce inflammation and revive your troubled skin from UV damages.

Its efficacious properties can also rejuvenate your aged tissues, leaving you with healthy-looking skin. Prep your face with this cleanser to get a more comfortable shave afterwards.

This Lab Series Max LS Daily Renewing Cleanser contains Molecular Age-Less Complex, which is an oxygenating treatment to facial skin. It deep cleanses all your pesky impurities in clogged pores without sacrificing the pH balance on your face.

Jam-packed with nourishing rice and leaf extracts, this rich cream cleanser does double the duty as a facial mask. The gentle face wash for men restores your skin’s youthful elasticity, refreshing your skin with its natural essences and leaving you with radiant glow.

This Men’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash from Kiehl’s is incredibly silky and gentle on your face while removing excess oil. Refined with an aerolite technology, it acts as a skin barrier and protects from the pollution, which is the main cause of airborne particles.

With its concentrated apricot seeds, this herbal anti pollution cleanser softly removes dead skin cells and heals blemishes, offering a better and smoother complexion with ease.

Want to get rid of pimples? Here’s an anti-pimple face wash that can help solve your problem. It’s a gel-based solution that can deep cleanse your pores while extracting out the excess sebum to keep your skin healthy.

Formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients, the face wash feels gentle on the skin. And it does not cause any irritation or redness. Overall, it helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and gives an even skin tone.

Indulge your skin in a rejuvenating experience by applying the facial fuel face wash from Kiehl’s. Packed with the goodness of menthol and caffeine, the cleanser deeply nourishes your skin while stripping it off external pollutants.

It also contains extracts of orange and lemon, high in antioxidants, that can boost your skin’s immunity and delay signs of premature ageing.

If you have super sensitive skin, this soothing daily face wash crafted by L’Oreal Paris could be your saviour. It is enriched with 6 essential oils along with the hydrating essence of Northern Birch Sap. This formula defends your skin against environmental stress preventing breakouts, itchiness, redness and reduces skin irritation. This face wash for men can also keep your skin feeling refreshed.

For those with oily skin, Bulldog’s Oil Control Face Wash is the ultimate remedy. Infused with extracts of antibacterial herbs like juniper, witch hazel and willow bark, this daily cleanser from Bulldog skincare range pulls out excess sebum but does not dehydrate your skin by removing skin’s essential oils.

It has a creamy texture that spreads across to remove impurities, lending your skin a radiant, youthful glow and helps with the skin transform process.

Try this gentle facial cleanser from Mario Badescu if you have acne-prone skin. It is formulated with salicylic acid which quickly heals acne breakouts and gives you a clean skin. The solution also contains botanical extracts of aloe vera, thyme and chamomile which are known for their calming essence. It helps keep your skin smooth and supple as it can remove excess oil and impurities.

Made from a unique blend of organic and naturally derived ingredients, this exfoliating cleansing gel crafted by Sephora is no less than an elixir for your skin. The gel-based solution contains volcanic sand that can gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and refine your skin texture. It also contains zinc that intensely cleanses your skin without stripping off its natural moisture. The end result is plump, glowing skin.

Recommended for sensitive skin, Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser is one of a kind. The formula is concocted with enriching, plant-based ingredients like French green clay, white kaolin, bentonite and olive oil. These components work their magic to pull out impurities and give you an even-toned, clear complexion. Besides, the solution is devoid of harsh chemicals like paraben and sulphate.

Check out this naturally formulated facial cleanser from Biotherm and say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. Powered by organic ingredients like cedar bud extracts and exfoliating microparticles, the face wash gently scrubs off dirt and impurities to give you clear, smooth skin. Blue Algae extracts found in the solution help reduce the appearance of signs of ageing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do men need to use face cleansers?

The texture of men’s skin tends to be oily and rougher than that of women’s, as the amount of collagen in their dermis is higher. Besides, shaving has an exfoliating effect on their skin, which rips off the outermost layer that holds moisture. As a result of male skin care concerns, there is a high possibility of their skin drying out while being exposed to external pollutants.

Shaving can also cause inflammation resulting in redness or irritation and hamper skin health. To prevent the skin from absorbing dirt and giving it a soothing effect, it’s crucial for men to cleanse their face with a foaming cleanser or gel cleanser twice a day.

How to choose a face cleanser for men?

The first step to choose a men’s facial cleanser is to determine the skin type. There are numerous brands that sell face washes for men curated for different skin types. Go for one that’s alcohol-free and formulated with organic ingredients like aloe vera, green tea extract or shea butter for sensitive skin types.

If you have excessively dry skin, you may consider a face wash that contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. For those with acne-prone skin or oily skin types, salicylic acid-based facial cleansers can be beneficial. Benzoyl peroxide and ceramides also help soothe acne breakouts and prevent the appearance of blemishes.

What are the best ingredients in men’s face wash?

Some of the best ingredients found in men’s face wash include activated charcoal, olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), tea tree oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, green tea, vitamin rich parsley seed and jojoba oil. These components are packed with cleansing, hydrating and nourishing properties.

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