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The best hair cut for your face shape, according to actual barbers

If you’re a handsome man and you’re wondering if you’re wearing the right hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place. Speaking to a few experts in the field, here are the best hairstyles for men for different face shapes.

Trust us when we say that strategically choosing a hairstyle based on your face shape can make the world of a difference. The great thing about determining your face shape and finding its appropriate hairstyle is that it enhances your facial structure by balancing out volume and depth. It’d say that women have the upper hand in this affair, simply for having longer hair and more room for experimentation and suitability. For men, the canvas for art is a little bit more limited, making it more challenging. Factors like hair-type, texture, density, color and thickness become harder to play with, with shorter hair. More so, facial structures simply shuffle the deck further, making it harder to pick the right card and hairstyle for oneself.

We decided to get a few experts on board and create a one-stop guide on how to pick a hairstyle based on one’s facial shape.

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mens hairstyle according to face shape
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How to pick a hairstyle for your face shape

Amir Khan, Style Director of Jean-Claude Biguine, India highlighted a key detail to pay attention to before taking a crash-course on how to pick a hairstyle: understanding and measuring facial details. This comprises of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and facial length, which will then allow us to determine face shape and the hairstyles that suit that silhouette.


Sareena Acharya, Artistic Head – Hair at Enrich Salons explains “Don’t feel too boxy, there’s a hairstyle that’d still look great on you. With this silhouette, you probably get the most options to choose from. The trick for square faces is to highlight the jawline using your hair. The undercut, quiff and side-parts are your best friends in this affair. If you’re feeling less experimental, a buzzcut would do just fine too.”


Amir Khan, Style Director of Jean-Claude Biguine India stated – “Well, even if you’re on the chubbier side with a round chin or no prominent face cuts, there’s still a haircut that can suit you. You need to crest the illusion of structure using your hair. Try aiming for tighter sides with more height or volume to the top. The Pompadour or Flat Top would be great fits for someone with a rounded face.”

mens hairstyle according to face shape
Image Credit: Cottonbro/Pexels


“If the length of your face is nearly one and a half times longer than the width, you have an oval-shaped face. Well, oval silhouettes may not be the most alpha face shape for men, we can all agree. The trick here is to wear your hair off your forehead to crest volume and angles to the top. This will perhaps make you look more masculine too. Try a cool quiff or a Pompadour” – Well put by Amir Khan, Style Director of Jean-Claude Biguine India.


TrueFitt & Hill’s Master Barber, Mr. Jay Pawar stated on this type of silhouette – “This is when your cheeks are the widest point of your face. The goal for you is to find a style that adds width to the forehead and chin area. Try longer styles that can be tucked behind your ears, this is great to highlight your diamond shaped facial structure. Given the width of your cheekbones, don’t go too short on the sides as it’ll make your ears pop out. I’d recommend softer lines and layers for this face shape where you don’t stay from natural angles. Finally, try a side sweep or deep side-parting along with a stubble, incase if you want to add some more body to that narrow chin.”

mens hairstyle according to face shape
Image Credit: Cottonbro/Pexels


“This is meant for men who have a pointy chin and jaw, which is wider than your forehead. Due to this narrow silhouette, it’s best to aim for high-volume hairstyles. Try ones that are longer, nose-length and with fuller sides, this will simply add more depth. Also, since you have a strong jawline, go for a super light stubble or best, completely clean-shaven” – Expertly quoted by TrueFitt & Hill’s Master Barber, Mr. Jay Pawar.


“In the case of hearts, I believe in balancing out the narrow chin with a side part or a textured quaff. Which means, you need to brush upwards and backwards from your forehead. Try avoiding cuts that are tight on the sides. It’s certainly uncommon, but it’s a great silhouette to work with.” – Said Sareena Acharya, Artistic Head – Hair at Enrich Salons.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia India.

The best hair cut for your face shape, according to actual barbers

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