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I’m your bae, you’re my boo: 7 beauty products you can share with your man

When bae uses your products more than you, that’s a special kind of love.

Have you been secretly wearing his perfume and he knows it but doesn’t say anything? If there’s anything good this pandemic has brought alone, it is that it has brought couples closer in many ways. You’ve probably been spending more time doing chores together like brewing the morning coffee, conversations over dinner, and of course, Netflix and chilling.

We wouldn’t be surprised if soon you start sharing the same beauty products, too. After all, it is also a means to save space on the bathroom shelf. Here, we’ve listed out some adorable gender-neutral beauty products for you and your boo to share over this lockdown season.

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Having frizzy or greasy hair isn’t very attractive. Living Proof’s No Frizz Styling Cream helps condition and eliminate any frizz by blocking humidity without weighing hair down. Restore your and his locks just like good old times when dressing up for dates pre-lockdown. Introduce this styling cream to him and thank your stars later.

Price: THB 1,090

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No one likes chapped or cracked lips. Believe it or not, men love throwing a lip balm in their travel kit too. Kiel’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturizing formula is a unisex lip balm that your man would adore too. It protects thinner lips from dehydration and keeps your lips shine-free. Very kissable, too.

Price: THB 550

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The only word to describe this scent is sexy. A spritz of this warm floral scent that dries down into a darker musk will uplift your mood instantly. Its spicy orchid and bergamot notes make it quite an unforgettable scent. No wonder, this Tom Ford Black Orchid is the ideal unisex perfume that will make you feel closer to bae.

Price: THB 4,000

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When you are living with someone, you want to keep that energy going and look fresh all the time. That late-night binge-watch on Netflix and tirelessly working on the laptop can cause some tired-looking eyes and dark circles. Well, just throw in the Supergroup’s Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream SPF 40 to brighten up the under-eye area which will not only lighten up your eyes, but help protect you from UV rays and blue light, too. This fast-absorbing eye cream contains zinc oxide that makes it prone to hyperpigmentation. A must-have product for both him and her.

Price: THB 1,330

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Glow up the love with some cheesy mask sessions. He might not be ready to step into the world of beauty, but this ultra-hydrating mask treatment will instantly quench and soothe all the dryness on both of your skins. Because couples who live together, should face mask together.

Price: THB 1,739

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Feed your hair some superfood. This nutrient-rich green juice-inspired shampoo is your daily dose of matcha and apple combined. This could be a perfect addition to your and bae’s everyday wellness routine.

Price: THB 1,160

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Does your man prefer gel over lotions? The best way to go about this is squeezing this power product for some oil-free hydration to feed your skin some skin-strengthening ingredients. This dermatologist-developed formula won’t disappoint. Don’t blame us if he finishes the bottle before you do.

Price: THB 1,650

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