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Clean hair, do care: save your hair and the planet with clean haircare by Panpuri

Through sun, rain, pollution, and all kinds of other weather we get in Bangkok, our hair gets a pretty rough deal during these months. But underneath all of that lies a much bigger problem for us Bangkokians: our very own hair products. It may be satisfying to wash your hair and feel a mound of foamy bubbles lathering up on your head, but it turns out that that’s a real good sign of a bad shampoo. Sulfates — the chemical that causes this foamy lather — can irritate the skin and eyes over time. It then also gets washed down the drain and toxifies our waters and aquatic friends. That’s not very summery, is it? Time to switch to clean haircare.

If you’re thinking about securing some luscious mermaid locks this summer but your hair is anything but that — we need to get to the “root” of the problem. In the long run, using cleaner products that are better for the environment also means better conditions for your hair and skin too. But where to find clean yet still effective haircare in Bangkok? We’ve turned our heads (literally) to Panpuri — Thailand’s leading organic beauty brand with a real knack for clean haircare and skincare. Just in time to save us from our summer hair woes, Panpuri have just released a brand new hair revival collection: the Clean Hair & Scalp Care Squad. And there are some serious squad goals here indeed.

[All images courtesy of Panpuri.]

The new Panpuri ‘Clean Hair & Scalp care Squad’ collection.
No nasties

Guided by their signature ZeroList™, Panpuri’s clean haircare series is free from over 2,300 harmful, or even just questionable ingredients. The brand are incredibly strict on what makes it into their ingredients lists, and they don’t stand for any compromises on the purity of their products

Revive Serum Oil.
Revive and Nourish

The Clean Hair & Scalp Care Squad includes a range of ‘Revive’-centric products. One of our favourites is the Revive Hair Serum Oil, which contains 100% natural and organic ingredients and is led by scalp-revitalising Inca Omega Oil as well as beetroot extract. It’s a multi-tasking serum that immediately softens, shines, and volumises your hair. Using it is a glorious experience in itself: just massage the delicately aromatic oil into your scalp 20 minutes before washing your hair and then again from mid-length to the ends on cleansed hair.

Nourish Hair Conditioner.
Protect and Hydrate

If you’ve got colouring on your hair that’s fading away in the July sun, the Clean Hair & Scalp Care Squad also includes colour-protection products that lock in those pigments while enhancing shine. It can also protect keratin treated hair, even helping to retain that smoothness and sleekness for longer. 

The full Revive series of the Panpuri Clean Hair and Scalp Squad.
100% organic, luxury, and vegan ingredients

Some of the other hair-rescuing products from Panpuri’s clean haircare collection include the Balancing Hair Cleanser, enriched with celery seeds for effective detoxification, and the Revive Hair Conditioner, containing Pracaxi Seed Oil and Pea Protein for deep moisturising. 

The full Nourish series of the Panpuri Clean Hair and Scalp Squad.
Clean hair, do care

Clean haircare used to have a somewhat poor reputation when it came to effectiveness. Panpuri has turned that around. The Clean Hair & Scalp Squad collection is plenty proof that clean haircare can also be incredibly innovative and effectively hair-enhancing. Turn to Panpuri and let the clean haircare squad revive, balance, and protect your hair as well as the environment. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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