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How to give yourself a perfect manicure at home

Can’t go to the salon? No worries, you can nail it at home, too.

Having a beautiful manicure not only looks elegant but adds that extra dose of charm to your hands. Yet salon manicures can sometimes break our wallets, and especially now that we’re self-isolating, make us realise how dependent we are on them. When it comes to painting your own nails, do not doubt your skills because you probably know more than you think. There are a few simple, easy tricks to hone those skills. We thought you would love a guide on how to give yourself a salon-worthy manicure, all while you are at home. Let’s get a little experimental.

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Step #1

Grab some cotton and remove all existing nail polish if you’ve got some on. You may ask, non-acetone or acetone? Here’s a tip: non-acetone nail polish removers are gentler, whereas acetone-based tends to work faster and will thereby be in contact with the skin for a shorter period.

Step #2

Get rid of all the edges by cutting your nails. File them into an oval, square, or round shape using the tallest part of the oval. Remember, to file them side-to-side instead of up-and-down at a slight angle, so you don’t grate them underneath your skin. Be creative and be patient, this is your chance.

Step #3

Now, here comes the most relaxing part. Place your hands in a bowl of warm water and add a drop of cleanser or shampoo to the water. It’s crucial to soak the cuticle before we trim it, but don’t overtake more than 3 minutes.

Step #4

Apply some cuticle oil to your nails so they can soften a bit for a few more minutes. Remove any excess cuticles using the cuticle pushers. Now, you can use a cotton swab and apply nail-polish remover (yes, again), to ensure there’s no residue. Now, your nail is ready to get a fabulous makeover.

Step #5

Pick your manicure look and paint your nails. We’ve rounded up some fun tutorials for you to follow and get that salon-fresh nails.

Look 1: New Year’s Resolution 

To elevate your basic manicure look into a glamours one. 

Look 2: Baby It’s Cloudy Outside 

For those who love bold designs because the dotting and ombre nail art look is all about vibrant colours. 

Look 3: Something Sweet

Craving for something sugar? If you’re the type to go for an edgy look, here’s your celebratory nail art. 

Look 4: Neon Palms

If tropical and neon ticks all your boxes, then this summer leaves nail art wouldn’t disappoint. 

Look 5: Two Hearts and Half Moon

Love the classic nail art? This minimal and reverse french tip art look is all about sheer soft colours.

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