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Très belle: the Paris Spa at The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok treats you from hair to soul

It’s hard to believe, but the word ‘spa’ wasn’t very familiar in Bangkok 20 years ago. So, when the Paris Spa first opened in 1984 with a dedication not only to all kinds of beauty needs from head to toe, but also to revitalising the mind and spirit — it was a major game-changer. Today, the Paris Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok remains the place to go if you’re looking for a truly exceptional mind-body treatment. Capturing the old-school glamour of Parisian spas that initially inspired the idea of spa-going in Thailand, the luxurious Paris Spa Bangkok is a beautifully classic salon that brings beauty and well-being together.

[All images courtesy of Paris Spa, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok]

Entrance to the Paris Spa at The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

To step into the Paris Spa at The Mandarin Oriental is to take a step back into time. The bright and glamorous interiors encompass the classic characteristics of classic French decor. You soon notice the quaint black-and-white stripes and floor tiles, but the more you look around you also discover elements of tasteful Thai antiques, from teakwood accents to lavish chandeliers.


Dedicated to providing lasting solutions to all kinds of beauty needs from head to toe, the Paris Spa has carefully selected the best brand of products for each area. They exclusively use Valmont for facials, for example, and Thalgo for body treatments. On our visit to the Paris Spa to try out their hair spa treatment, the brand of choice was none other than Aveda — the plant-based haircare brand that combines modern science with Ayurveda practices. With their organic ingredients and dedication to nature-friendly practices, Aveda is loved for their safe, effective, organic products from non-damaging colour treatments to shampoos that naturally prevent hair loss.


To begin the hair spa treatment, the hair therapist assessed our specific needs using a little high-zoom camera to capture the condition of our scalp and roots. Whether the therapist sees that your hair is dry, damaged, or oily, she will then choose the best course of treatment and the most suitable Aveda series of products for you.


The treatment also begins with you choosing from a selection of aromatic oils which the therapist will use to massage your scalp, neck, and shoulders. During this initial massage, the therapist will also guide you to take some deep breaths, taking in the heavenly calming scents of the Aveda oils. This will ensure you begin the treatment feeling peaceful and happy.

Cleansing treatment before applying the Aveda hair mask.

To prepare you hair for the deep treatment and wash, the therapist will use a soft brush with natural bristles on your hair and scalp to increase blood flow. This prepares your roots to be thoroughly cleansed and purified with an Aveda cleanser, which also incorporates essential vitamins and minerals to boost the health of your hair from the roots.

Once your hair is ready for the main treatment, you’re taken to the Paris Spa’s luxuriously comfortable hair washing chairs. As the Paris Spa exclusive uses Aveda for their hair treatments, the spa also closely commits to the protocols that come with the brand’s Ayurvedic practices. During the hair wash, for example, customers are treated with a hand massage incorporating relaxing moisturising oils. Using aspects of the ancient healing arts of India, the Paris Spa and Aveda always seek to provide a treatment for the soul as well as the body. You might be receiving a hair treatment, but you’ll also find that your mind is clearer and your head more level in every way.

The old-school Parisian glamour of the Paris Spa at The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Aveda’s hair treatments are not only safe and highly effective, but they also take a shorter amount of time than most other brands’ products. The treatment mask takes only around 10-15 minutes to soak in, which makes it ideal for those with less time to spend. After rinsing and thoroughly cleansing your hair, you’re then treated with an in-seat hot stone massage. Combining the heavenly scents of Aveda oils and the warmth of the spa stones, this step sends you into a state of deep relaxation and a real sense of peace and joy. To finish, the Paris Spa sends their most skilled stylist to blow-dry your hair, completing your treatment with a fresh hairdo to see you through the rest of the week. Here’s a truly dreamlike experience, revitalising from the ends of your hair to the depths of your mind.

  • The Paris Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is across from the lobby in the retail plaza. For further information and to make bookings, please call 02-234-7131 or visit www.mandarinoriental.com. (Opening times: Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm. Sat-Sun, 10am-6pm).

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